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Creating a more vibrant work environment at home or in the office


4th May 2021 Down to Business

Creating a more vibrant work environment at home or in the office

The pandemic has changed how we work and interact. More people are now working from home, and the expectation is that this will remain.

Large corporations are aiming for two to three days working from home, and the remainder in the office. This requires us to rethink the way we organise our house and offices. Besides that, we need to think about the safety of our employees as well as a pleasant environment at home.

Mobile screens at home: why not?

This might sound like a silly idea, but mobile screens at home can help improve productivity. For example, if you do not have a dedicated room that you can turn into an office, you need to work from your living room (or any other room). When you have a mobile screen, you can create a clear demarcation between the living area and the work environment. This can help create peace of mind when you finish your workday and help you retain focus when working. Nowadays the mobile screens come in lots of different sizes and shapes, making them an attractive addition to your home.

You can also go for freestanding screens

If you want to be more flexible, you can also select freestanding screens as an alternative. These mobile screens have wheels and can be moved to different rooms and positions. This helps you to play around with the living and working areas to find a good mix. Also, it helps to change the environments once in a while to keep your environment new and inspiring.

Just as useful in the office

While screens have a negative association from back in the “cubicle” area, they are now trendy and non-intrusive. They can make a room look more spacious and help people have a clear demarcation between spaces. For example, a demarcation is often made between the coffee corner and the desks in an office.

A feeling of safety

As a result of the pandemic, employees increasingly care about hygiene and safety. Having these mobile and freestanding screens can contribute to better safety and hygiene. By creating separate areas and placing screens between desks, the risk of spreading a virus becomes lower. This makes it not only effective to increase productivity but also increases employee well-being and safety.

Freestanding screens to refresh the office set-up

Where office structures were fixed in the past, freestanding screens can now help to create evolving office spaces. Want to have a corner for people to have a video call? A screen can help. Want to create groups of tables that are separated? A screen can help. With a hint of creativity, there are endless opportunities to play around with these trendy screens.

There are many furniture brands active in the space of these screens. This makes it possible to find a broad range of designs ranging from trendy to traditional, simplistic to artistic: there is something for every office or home.

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