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Business in Dubai Can be World Class


21st Jun 2020 Down to Business

Business in Dubai Can be World Class

Dubai is one of the most interesting places to do business whether you are a startup or a corporation the opportunities here are world class.  The contacts you can bring in and the calibre are truly awe inspiring with opportunities all around you for the taking.  We thought in this piece we would put together some top tips and guidelines as to how to start on your very own journey along this fascinating road.

Startup Scene

The start-up scene in Dubai is currently booming and this will only accelerate with time as today it is starting to attract the best and the brightest upcoming stars in the “business” with people flocking from around the world. 

Very Stable Market

While the market is not just stable it is accelerating out of the bag at breakneck speed with the world reputation on the up as the place to do business and with tourism on the up in the bargain.  Just before you jump head first into this new territory, we would also have to point out some additional information for you. 

Firstly you would be well advised to select your point of focus and get you plans fully in order before you jump in with a good point of contact with the agreements in place before you begin.  Selecting a local sponsor is very important in this kind of a venture and the UAE authorities like you have planned ahead in this kind of plunge. 

You need to get acquainted with some of the facts of the arena you are going into for a start and reading articles like this will help you to acclimatise to what you expect to find on the other side of the world.  It is always better to avoid the possible problems you may face. 

Business Opportunities

While there are plenty of business opportunities available, it is advisable to start with an LCC company and then you need to register this out there before you go.  Typically, the UAE goes with a 51% partner and it is advisable to choose a location where you are close to the partner investor’s team to start with at least.  While the opportunities are abundant and you will definitely find other contacts out there who will be flocking to you once you are an established figure it is prudent to choose additional contacts wisely.

We also suggest you choose a free zone and get yourself acquainted with  a UAE national as your partner.  If you do things this way the costs and day to day living can be quite high so look into this with your chosen location in mind at all times. 

Networking Opportunities

If you are setting up to travel out there on Big Business then I can certainly suggest the following as a place to go and socialise with some of the best in the business.

“The most encouraging and lucrative experience I have ever had” is the best way I can describe what I found at the Ambassadors Club Dubai.  From the reception to the farewell there were so many opportunities and brilliant contacts at the club I can’t wait to visit them again.  Business opportunities I found far exceeded the IOD (Institute Of Directors) in London for a simple example.  Having been in business for many years I know the calibre of the people I choose to work with and the highest integrity of those individuals but this experience was all good all the way through to say the least.

The management were some of the most switched on people I have ever met while at the same time being helpful to all of my requirements along the way.  When it comes to having this kind of amazing experience this was second to none.  If you can imagine meeting all manner of successful people in one place and getting the time to listen to their advice over a glass of wine or a coffee, this was my experience in Dubai.  The contacts alone were some of the best people I have ever met and all aspects of the visit were extemporary to say thee least let alone the information and advice I was given at the event.  You would not get this kind of help and information at some of the most expensive venues around the world but here.

From the movers and shakers out there this place is a haven of insight and good connections so I would recommend becoming a member as soon as you yourself are really ready to make that leap in your successful career whether it is in Internet Marketing or just simple market networking you cannot go wrong with joining up and visiting the main centre in Dubai.  There were international celebrities from all four corners of the globe in this exclusive arena and network connections right the way through from the words of business, sport, multimedia, politics and diverse cultural backgrounds of all kinds. 

Business Platforms

This totally exclusive network of “Ambassadors” brings together those who are in the know and creates an environment of booming positivity as well as the fantastic learning experience all in one place.  Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a budding start up company director this is the place to make those exclusive connections through the industry you are working in. and this will help you to create an effective business platform.   If you are aiming for success then this is the place to go as a one stop shop for all of your needs no matter what sector you’re in.

In writing this article I have to mention some of the opportunities on offer from the well staged events in Dubai and the Northern Emirates where you can build on your own ideas learning from some of the highest calibre contacts and their own advice to help you to reach the upper levels of your own success in spades. 

Worldwide Ventures

From International events, Networking, Worldwide venues to Worldwide Travel opportunities to exclusive 1 to 1 contacts this is surely the “place to be” as an all round opportunity to die for.  Service at the hotel is amazing as is the food which is also world class as far as I am concerned the overall experience is one you will treasure for the rest of your life so don’t waste any time booking up and planning your trip of a lifetime and get your own perspective on what is truly possible with the Ambassadors Business Club in Dubai for yourself.

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