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Breaking barriers with effective conversations; A guide by Shane Mac


29th Apr 2021 Down to Business

Breaking barriers with effective conversations; A guide by Shane Mac

Questions are great conversation initiators. 'What, where, why, how when' are questions that wake up the sleeping curiosity in a person.

It pushes a person to use their brain to the extent that they are able to answer these questions themselves. This is the reason why words are called the most powerful arsenal. Its effectiveness can be measured by the effect it has on people's life and mind. Even a simple question like 'why does the sunrise from the east?' could intrigue people to think about its cause and the various other possibilities.


In recent times, the trend of public speaking has increased significantly. Stage shows, comedy nights, story and poems sharing societies have been created in every academic institute and in entertainment places. People find these events useful and stress-relieving. As these events are rapidly popularizing, the concept of podcasts has also caught the attention of many. But unlike these shows' podcasts are only audio notes that are available only on the internet. Keeping in mind the influx of technology within people, the majority have diverted their attention to podcasts. And the one who is currently one of the leaders of the podcast world is Shane Mac. Shane Mac is an entrepreneur and tech investor who focuses on creating innovative technology and aims to share his thoughts and opinions through his podcast.

Conversations have the power to influence

Being an adult in this fast-paced world is not as simple it was decades ago. A person has to deal with plenty of things and juggle with the responsibilities of life all at the same time. The pressure sometimes gets to a person and starts affecting their mental health and behavior. At this moment, all a person needs is someone to talk to or listen to. But in today's world, where people are disconnected even with the ones they are close to, it isn't easy to share and relate one's thoughts with. Podcasts at such times prove to be extremely effective.

According to Shane Mac, who has the talent to ask questions on all topics believes that listening to people talk is equally therapeutic as talking to someone. Realizing the fact that he was really good with words and creating informative arguments and conversations with people, he launched his podcast, 'ask.'

Shane's extensive portfolio

Shane Mac is a tech entrepreneur; he has been working in the field of technology since his college days. His very first endeavor was Gist.com. It was funded by Paul Allen, the founder of Microsoft and the Foundry Group, and was one of the first social CRM companies that garnered 100 million-plus people's attention. It was acquired by Blackberry for more than $40 million in 2010.

His next and the most popular venture was' Assist.' It was founded by Shane Mac and Robert Stephens, founder of GeekSquad. Based on Artificial Intelligence, Shane had co-created a chatbot platform that helped people in shopping and traveling, and talking to customers. It could be accessed via Facebook Messenger, SMS, Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp, and even Google Assistant and Alexa. This was Shane's first-ever interaction with AI that made him an ardent follower. He was so impressed by the growing technology that his next ventures were solely based on AI.

Shane then created a bot that helped people converse on dating apps. It was similar to Gmail's Smart Reply and Grammarly bots, but much more advanced and intelligent. This invention brought a revolution in the world of dating apps. After that, he co-founded Michelle Penczak in 2017 to create 'Squared Away.'

Currently, Shane is working on introducing and standardizing the concept of zero offices through his company' Logos Labs.' It is a studio that starts companies remote-first and a fund that invests in companies defining the future of remote work. It operates on a remote-first business model and has started over five companies making millions in revenue.

With his dedication and vision to ease working from anywhere in the world, Shane Mac is writing a new chapter in the field of Artificial Intelligence. His work and venture history are a clear indication that he will definitely achieve what he has dreamt of!  

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