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A heart that beats for people - K.C. Fox, an activist, women's rights advocate & business woman


23rd Sep 2021 Down to Business

There may be many activists and social workers who struggle to bring a change in their communities.

But very few leave an impact while doing so, and K.C. Fox, popularly known as K.C. Fox is one such personality.

Fox is a powerhouse of talent, a boss personality who is aware of making things work her way. Being a confident personality, she has been speaking and actively working for women and basic human rights for more than twenty-four years. K.C. Fox is an American media expert and civil rights, activist. She is a brave soul and never shies from stating the truth, supporting the right, and speaking against injustice.


Holding a bachelor's degree in Applied Arts and Sciences from the University of North Texas. K.C. Fox had set her goals from the start. She was a people person and loved working and serving the public. She immersed herself in news and current happenings from an early age. Fox was different from the kids her age; she was always interested in the latest news and had a passion for ending injustice and wrongdoings. Due to this, she further studied and earned degrees in Journalism, Emergency Management, Non-profit Management, film, telecommunications, radio, broadcasting, real estate, and criminal justice. Learning about different subjects and exposure to the real world enabled her to develop a bold personality who always spoke for the right.

Driven by the passion for serving the people, Fox worked at Tribune Media as the Director of Broadcast Technology, On-Air Operations, and the Executive Producer for the first all-minority local/live reality morning show. Here she led a group of engineers, production staff, and producers. Although the experience was daunting and nerve-racking, she performed brilliantly and made her mark. Fox laid the foundation for a crisis and communication firm six years ago. Her clients are civil rights attorneys, NBA and NFL players, sports agencies, and politicians. These experiences boosted her confidence which led her to start a podcast named 'Red, White & You.'

As K.C. Fox was associated with the media field; she came across many instances that deserved to be brought under attention. The increasing cases of injustices made her question her presence in the media. She then decided to use her voice for the right. Fox become a member of the "Roc Nations United Justice Coalition," a results-driven action group that works across disciplines to raise awareness of key social justice issues and the need for criminal justice reform.

She then co-founded the "Sisters of the Movement" with other black women. This group demands the implementation of policies and laws that are fair and just for people of color. In addition to this, K.C. Fox is a member of the National Association of Black Journalists, Women in Media, and a member of the National Council of Negro Women. She is also a member of One Billion Rising.  

Leadership redefined

In addition to being an activist, K.C. Fox has served nine years in the United States Air Force. She was the primary training combat communications Sergeant for the 506 Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron. She also worked as the primary assistant to the Battle Captain in combat operations and served as the Base Defense Operating Center Air Force to the Joint tactical Operation Center. Fox worked as a Primary Security Forces instructor at Ft Wolters Regional Training Center, where she was named "Top Instructor.”

Being in the armed forces had greatly impacted her personality as it developed a great sense of leadership and ignited the sense of serving her people. Her exceptional work as an activist has made her an advocate for Black women. She has served as a member of the "National Coalition of 100 Black Women as the chairperson of The Civil Rights and Citizens training committees. K.C. Fox is profoundly involved and leading many groups, and including her flagship "The Lady General Foundation," a female leadership camp for girls aged 9-17.

K.C. Fox's powerful voice and strategic mind made her the and crisis manager behind cases in the civil and women's rights arena, such as cases against R Kelly and Usher Raymond. One of her most recent ventures is 'The American Black Cross' disaster relief organization. As one of the founders and the only female founder, she worked alongside National Activist Shaun King and Civil Rights Attorney. This work led to K.C. being featured on platforms such as MSNBC.

Currently, K.C. Fox is studying for her graduate degree in Strategic Management from Harvard University. This 44-year-old activist and woman's rights advocate has been recognizing and awarded many times by reputable platforms. Her social works and efforts are honored in the January edition of Essence "Everyone Who Gave Us Life" and "Who's Who in Black Dallas" 4th edition. She has also won Atlanta's Women of Wealth and Men's Quarterly Magazine with an Economic Influencer award in 2019. In addition to this, Fox was also recognized by the Steed Society and Rolling out Magazine as "One of Dallas Most influential Women." She was also named "The Best of the Best in Television Media" by The Dallas Examiner.

With so many accomplishments and achievements under her belt, K.C. Fox is a force to reckoned with. A woman of action and a brave soul that faces any challenges thrown her way, she is an inspiration for many!

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