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The 10 Most Extravagant Pet Accessories out there


1st Jan 2015 Animals & Pets

The 10 Most Extravagant Pet Accessories out there

Everybody likes to spoil their beloved pets. They deserve it for their unbridled innocence (most of the time), as well as all the unconditional love they dish out. A special treat for being good here; a new collar there... hey, even a new bed is warranted sometimes. Often, some people go way further than that, and I mean WAY further.

10. Sexy Beast dog perfume - £45

Extravagant pet gifts - sexy beast dog perfume

Yep, you read right, we're kicking this off with dog perfume. For the most smell conscious of dogs, there is Sexy Beast perfume. This unisex fragrance contains patchouli, nutmeg and mandarin to keep your pooch smelling great.


9. Dog pram - £50 to £300

pug in a pram

For those who treat their dogs like babies...


8. Roberto Cavalli designer animal clothing - £70 to £800

Roberto Cavalli designer clothing, extravagant accessories

With everything from leopard print skirts to full tracksuits with gold detail, this range from Roberto Cavalli will have your pet aching to get out for that walk so they can show off their new threads.


7. Cat Cabin - £900

Cat Cabin, Extravagant pet gifts

OK, this one is slightly more sensible. Slightly. At least it's functional. This woven, pillow lined cat cabin stands at around one metre tall, and will have your cat sleeping like a king.

6. Versace Barocco food bowl - £500

versace dog bowl - extravagant pet gifts

This bowl looks like something pulled out of an Egyptian tomb. The £500 price tag is justified by the 22 carat gold leaf adornments. But will a pet really notice? Or care?

5. Swarovski studded cat flap - £1000

Swarovski studded cat flap - Most extravagant pet gifts

For your cat to make their big celebrity entrance. With over 1000 Swarovski crystals adorning this cat flap, some may find this price tag reasonable. But is that really the point? A crystal studded cat flap!!

4. Pet treadmill - £2000

For those people who don't have the time to exercise their pets, or perhaps simply can't be bothered, there are luxury pet treadmills available. If this still isn't extreme enough, why not get your pet their own place...

3. High tech dog kennel - £20,000

Samsung have created the most high-tech dog kennel in the world. This luxury condo contains everything your pooch could ever need, and more. There's a TV to keep them entertained, possibly while they are having a dunk in their own hot tub spa, after a long session on the inbuilt treadmill. The kennel also contains a paw operated snack dispenser, and a tannoy system.

2. I Love Dogs diamond encrusted collars- £2.1 million

expensive dog collar with diamonds
I Love Dogs make a range of ultra expensive, jewel encrusted dog collars. These collars start at a mere £100,000 and rise to over £2.1 million. I'm lost for words.

1. Diamond encrusted designer tiara - £2.8 million

diamond encrusted designer tiara for a dog

As if the collars weren't enough, this one really takes the biscuit (no pun intended). This tiara is made from pure titanium, and is fitted with 250 carats of emeralds and diamonds. The guy who made it said he 'just wanted to treat' his 15-year-old maltese...