Introducing Daffy the pony and his adorable 'foursie'

Christmas isn't just for humans, ponies want a piece of the festive action too! This Shetland Pony is taking the 'onsie' to a whole new level. 

Step aside onesie, Daffy's got a foursie!

Love them or hate them, onsies are Christmas staples. Daffy the Shetland Pony is now the proud owner of a Christmas 'foursie' thanks to his owner, Jackie Rowberry who says, “In winter I always worry about Daffy getting chilly as he likes to spend so much time out of his stable,”. The outfit was created by designers at Ascot. 

We think you look fab Daffy!



Daffy the Shetland Pony



Daffy in his Onsie!