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Gallery: Funny animals from around the world

Gallery: Funny animals from around the world

Cute, candid photos of animals from around the world.

What was I thinking? 

A meerkat looks bashful in Little Karoo, South Africa.


I love Uber rides 

A young leopard tortoise looks happy about jumping on the back of another. Tarangire National park, Tanzania.



Need a playmate 

A tired mother takes a nap while her polar bear cub is wide awake and full of energy.  Manitoba, Canada.



They can't ticket me! 

A cheetah notices the posted road speed, and promptly sits down as if to ponder his next move in Hoedspruit, South Africa.



A hard day's work... 

...for this fox. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, US.



Happy to be green 

A frog smiles at the camera from a pond in Russia.



It's only rock 'n' roll 

The aptly named fan-throated lizard. Maharashtra state, India.


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