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Budget pet care: How to save money when caring for pets

Budget pet care: How to save money when caring for pets
As the cost-of-living crisis continues, it’s good to know there are ways of budgeting for our pet’s care. Blue Cross share their money saving tips

Buy in bulk

Buying food in larger quantities can bring big savings. Cutting out treats is another easy way to cut costs. They really won’t be missed and if your pet is a little overweight, they could even help with weight loss.

Avoid “premium” brands

Any food that is labelled as “complete” and is approved by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) will provide your pet with all they require in a balanced diet. Always provide them with fresh water too.

Use pet food banks

If you're really struggling to feed your furry friend, Blue Cross run pet food banks around the country
Blue Cross has a growing number of pet food banks, where struggling owners can get free pet food. Some of our pet food banks have volunteer drivers who can deliver to pet owners who are unable to travel, and we can cater for some special diets.
We welcome donations; these help keep pets with their owners.

Keep on top of your pet’s health

Keeping on top of your pet’s health will prevent expensive problems further down the line.
  • Keep vaccinations up to date
  • Ensure annual health checks
  • For dogs, brush their teeth daily
  • Keep them exercised
Blue Cross highly recommends taking out a pet insurance policy from the day you get your pet. If your pet needs emergency veterinary care, and you don’t have insurance, it is worth asking your vet if they can offer a payment plan to stagger the cost.

See what savings your vet can offer

Some routine health check-ups and medications may be available from a vet club for a small fee
Many vets run pet clubs that charge a small monthly fee to cover pets for things like annual vaccinations, health checks, flea and worm treatment and even discounts for neutering, pet food and dental treatment. It’s certainly worth checking with your local vet to see if they offer this service.
Asking your vet for a prescription that you can use to purchase medicines from an online veterinary pharmacy is another good way of keeping down costs.
If treatment is ongoing, ask for a repeatable prescription for even more savings. The one-off cost of the prescription is more than offset by the reduced cost of the medicines from the online pharmacy. 
If you really can’t pay for your pet’s treatment, Blue Cross provides free and reduced-cost vet care to pets whose owners are on certain means-tested benefits. To find out if your pet is eligible for help, visit bluecross.org.uk/veterinary
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