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5 Ways to Get Your Dog Eating Right


1st Jan 2015 Animals & Pets

5 Ways to Get Your Dog Eating Right

Is your dog bored of dry food? Making your pet's meals delicious and healthy is easier than you might think. Try some of these tasty ways to spice up your dog's meals: add some banana, flavour it with beef jerky, or provide some healthy carrot sticks for an afternoon snack!

Go bananas!

Add about a third of a soft banana to 1½ cups dry food. Slice it, mash it or stir it into the pellets. Not only does it add variety and a bit of healthy sweetness, which most dogs seem to love, but a bit of banana can also settle your dog’s stomach.

Healthy snacks


If you have ever been on a diet, you know all about carrying around peeled baby carrots to satisfy a hunger pang between meals. The good news is that dogs generally love carrots, too. They’re sweet and healthy enough to make them a regular part of his diet in place of a biscuit.

Yoghurt pots as doggie travel carriers

Save larger plastic yoghurt pots with fitted lids; when you’re taking your dog along on a journey, they are the perfect size for his favourite small treats. Though most dogs don’t like to eat during travel, you can reward him for his good behaviour once you have reached your destination.

Put the jerk back in the food

Is your faithful friend a little finicky? Try this safe trick: put a stick of beef jerky into a new bag of dry dog food and reseal it for 24 hours. The scent might make the dry food more tempting to your canine. If you are wondering "is beef jerky healthy?" Then the answer is: yes - it's high in carbs and protein so they make the perfect snack.

Get your dog to take a pill


There’s no reason to wrestle your dog to the ground to try to get him to take a tablet; this is what cheese is for. All you need is some strongly flavoured cheddar cheese. Grate a small amount or buy ready-grated. Warm a little bit in your hands and roll it into a cheese ‘pill’, then insert the medicine and it should go down in just a matter of seconds.

Foods to avoid: 

Chocolate contains theobromine, which is a substance that is poisonous to dogs.

Onions, garlic and other onion family members (leeks, shallots), whose ingredient thiosulphate can destroy your pet’s red blood cells.