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Tips for Choosing the Right Food for Your Puppy


10th Jan 2019 Animals & Pets

Most pet owners fret about finding the most suitable food for their dog. Well, trust me, I understand the hustle. I used to spend sleepless nights trying to figure out what is the perfect diet that I can put on my dog. Well, here’s the best part of the story.

You need not worry anymore, because here are some few tips that  on how you can choose the right food for your canine friend.

1. Consider Your Dog’s Age, Activity, Breed and Reproductive Status

This seems like a alot of things to be on the lookout for but when you are looking for the best foods for your dog, his physical characteristics and behavior play a huge role. For instance, puppies and lactating dogs need foods that are rich in calories while senior dogs need less every day. The same way if you have a breed that is very active, you need a diet that will have more calories as opposed to having a not so active dog.

The dog’s breed information will help you know the kinds of foods you need to feed your dog so as to avoid some health issues like obesity in the future. You can also refer to Carlotta's Guide to Feeding a Puppy for more information.

2. Learn to Read the Ingredients

When shopping for your puppy’s food, learn to pay attention to the list of ingredients. It is recommended that you choose food which has meat as its first ingredient. The reason being it contains higher water content. High-quality wet dog food is a great option for your puppy. Also, keep in mind that wet dog food does not stick onto your dog’s teeth, hence he is likely to have plaque and less dental hygiene issues.

3. Is Grain Free Right for Your Dog?

If you suspect that your dog has a food allergy, you might need to consider giving your dog free diet. Visit your vet for more professional advice on what foods are best for your puppy if he has some allergies to certain foods. If your dog has severe allergies, then you need to avoid the foods he reacts to. How can you even tell that your dog has an allergy? The most common sign is that he scratches a lot, but vomiting and diarrhea are both significant as well. Consult your vet immediately you see such signs.

4. Check the Nutritional Adequacy Statement

On every dog food package, there must be a nutritional guide that will give you information on the amounts of nutrients in the food. Check if it is meant for all life stages of a dog or just puppies. That way you can tell whether it will be useful for your dog or not.

5. Do Your Homework

Research the brand you have in mind and conduct a thorough background check before settling on a particular brand.
With the right kind of guide and professional advice, you should be able to get the most suitable kind of food for your furry little friend. You can also ask your friends and family for referrals to the right dog food brand for your puppy. You can also check the customer reviews online