Are CBD Supplements for Dogs Worth Considering?

A revolution is happening with CDB products being produced from non-mind-altering parts of the Cannabis plant. While Cannabis is being legalised in certain countries for medical purposes for human use, global CBD sales with supplements are being snapped up by eager buyers. 

Now dog owners are discovering that there are CBD products designed expressly for pets. Their dog can derive similar benefits to their human owner from being given a CBD-based product that delivers enough of the healthy parts of the Cannabis leaf to make a meaningful difference.

What Are CBD Products Exactly?

Without getting too technical, CBD products include two cannabinoids from the Cannabis sativa plant; cannabidiol (CBD) and delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol(THC). These are also found in hemp-based products which humans use, so they’re not entirely new. Both of these cannabinoids are non-toxic and don’t deliver a mind-altering result because they leave out the parts of the plant that have the mind-altering effect. 

Are CBD Products Useful for Optimal Health?

The information coming back from users of CBD supplements for dogs has confirmed that real, discernible benefits are being experienced. For instance, dogs often find relief from pain they felt with older joints, arthritic joints, and the aches and pains from growing older. What usually makes them less active as they age gets a revival with supplementation. 

Dogs that have anxiety attacks when away from their owners too long and feel abandoned tend to be destructive unless trained out of it. Owners return to cushions or pillows or half the sofa torn to shreds because their dog became anxious or bored; or both. CBD supplements have been found to help calm their disposition to avoid getting overly worried. 

How Can You Determine a Manufactured CBD Product Is Safe for Your Dog?

CBD must be produced under careful control. It’s easy enough for a plant supplier to accidentally mix in non-Cannabis plants and send them along. Then potentially other non-CBD ingredients could get included in a supplement - and that’s bad news. For this reason, it’s important to pick out a producer of CBD products that’s a significant player in this growing sector. 

Certainly, Canna Companion is one such company with its line of CBD products for pets. They take care to ensure their supply doesn’t get mixed in with other plants to create a pure product. They understand the importance that every supplement must be properly formulated to give just enough, but not too much, CBD in each dosage for sensitive dogs. 

CBD pet supplements are growing in popularity as word spreads among owners about how much better their dogs are feeling. It’s not just senior dogs that derive some benefits; dogs with physical discomforts often get some benefit. Their owner is able to tell pretty quickly if they are taking to the supplement and getting a positive result from it. That’s because with dog owners, they know their dog well. Their reactions – even the normal bounciness in their step – is something owners are acutely aware of. And if you have a dog and choose a CBD supplement for your four-legged friend, you probably will notice the difference too. 

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