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9 Christmas pet gifts


1st Jan 2015 Animals & Pets

9 Christmas pet gifts

Feeling smug at starting your Christmas shopping early? Forgotten a certain someone on your list? Here’s a few ideas for treating the furrier family members.

Homemade healthy treats

Lily's Kitchen Pet treats

The creator of organic dog and cat food brand Lily’s Kitchen started their business with the desire to fuel her Boston Terrier, Lily, nutritionally rather than economically. For some natural food gifts and recipe ideas this Christmas, have a browse around Lily's Kitchen. Or you can try making your own.

Browse our wonderful pet gifts


Pet music

Cat Dance

Ever wondered what your cat would listen to if they had their own iTunes account? The inspired team behind Music For Cats have really done their research into just that. Awarded the NY Times no.1 idea in 2009, this website holds musical tracks designed to enhance your cat’s mood. The tracks are based on feline vocal communication and sounds that stir a cat’s interest, designed in specific rhythms to mimic natural cat sounds. My favourite is Rusty’s Ballad.


Your wrapping paper 

Let them play with your discarded paper, making sure they don’t ingest any. Better yet, let them unwrap your gifts for you on Christmas morning. I know my dog used to love this part of the day, besides a sneaky bacon wrapped sausage.



If you’re an animal lover and have witnessed the campaign to help suffering donkeys worldwide, you’ll have found it hard to ignore. You could visit some of their upcoming events, such as their Christmas Fairs and Markets in Devon, Bridgend and Belfast, or simply make a one-off donation at The Donkey Sanctuary.


Stocking Fillers

Dog Stocking Fillers

Harrods may have closed their pet department this year, but Selfridges cat-flaps are still open. With honey roast ham bones and Christmas pudding toys, our animals can really join in with the festive cheer. If you’re not planning to make a trip to the yellow-y haven this year, their pet products can be found online, including these coconut and hay wintry cottages to keep our rodents seasonal.


Subscription to the dog channel

Yes, it exists and it’s 24/7 in the US. Although it may feel a little like plonking a toddler in front of cartoons, a bit of the dog channel now and again is a fun novelty for you as well as calming company for them when you pop out. It features soundtracks with sonic heartbeats, relaxing lakeside footage and dogs playing in fields for starters. You can watch via DirectTV, or online at in the US. Otherwise find it from the UK at Dog TV World. Remember dogs should not be left alone for longer than 3-4 hours at a time, when you have no other options.


New bed

Dog Beds from Mungo and Maud

For the Sloaney dog or cat in your house, Mungo and Maud have some Belgravia-chic beds and blankets made of natural materials to ensure a comfortable and stylish night’s sleep. Find more swanky ideas at Mungo and Maud.


Horse therapy

Horse Therapy Gift

If you find yourself looking for a gift for your horse loving friend, try this all natural aromatherapy spray that helps fend off pesky flies and fleas whilst emitting calming essential oils like ylang ylang, rosewood and frankincense. Neigh! at Not on the High Street



Pet Cuddles

It’s free and it’s essential. Merry Christmas beasties! And if you're looking to treat a pet lover or more specifically a Goldie parent in your life, check out this purrfect list of gifts for Golden Retriever parents. Merry Christmas beasties! 


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