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3 Ways to keep your dog's joints healthy this summer

3 Ways to keep your dog's joints healthy this summer
Before you rush out the door into the warm summer air with your dog, don't forget to keep your dog's joints healthy with these tips
With the weather getting warmer, many of us are looking forward to getting outside more with our pets. But while keeping your dog active is fundamental for their physical well-being and mental stimulation, have you considered their joints?
Joint disease is one of the most commonly diagnosed conditions in dogs, and plenty of breeds are prone to developing joint problems. It is important for all dog owners, whether they have a puppy or a senior pooch, to consider adding supplements to their dog’s diet.
"Not every supplement will work the same for every dog; always consult your vet before altering your dog’s diet"
Supplements provide numerous benefits including reducing inflammation, boosting energy levels and easing joint and hip pain, which helps improve a dog’s mobility and overall quality of life. However, note that not every supplement will work the same for every dog and you should always consult your vet before altering your dog’s diet.

1. Turmeric curcumin

This powerful natural supplement has been dubbed a "wonder spice". Turmeric is renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties, which can be useful when looking at joint health in pets. The Pets Purest 100% Natural Premium Turmeric Curcumin capsules are packed full of curcumin—the primary substance found in turmeric.
"As a natural anti-inflammatory, turmeric curcumin will help dogs maintain mobility of their hips and joints"
However, before you go reaching in your spice rack, it’s important to be aware that curcumin is poorly absorbed on its own, rapidly metabolised and quickly expelled from the body, meaning the full benefits of this ingredient cannot be appreciated. It's best to find capsules that are paired with bioperine—the major active component of black pepper. When turmeric is combined with curcumin, absorption rates increase up to 2,000%. 
As a natural anti-inflammatory, turmeric curcumin will help dogs maintain flexibility and mobility of their hips and joints while also soothing joint and hip pain in ageing dogs.

2. Natural joint and hip supplements

Credit: Photoboyko
In addition to all the benefits of turmeric, Pets Purest 100% Natural Joint & Hip Pro also contains:
  • Scuttellaria Biacalensis: a flowering plant that has been widely used as medicine in
  • Uncaria: a woody vine found in Central America that reduces the clinical signs of
  • Boswellia: a large tree native to India and similarly promotes anti-inflammatory benefits, shrinking inflamed tissue, improving
Collectively, these ingredients can help manage joint and hip mobility throughout all stages of a dog’s life. With dogs being pros at spitting out tablets or sniffing out unwanted extras in their meals, it's a good idea to purchase a liquid supplement that can be dropped directly into your dog's meal. 

3. Salmon oil

Salmon oil contains powerful antioxidant qualities, including a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 acids are an important component of healthy cell membranes as they reduce inflammation, which causes pain and discomfort in joints. In addition, Omega-3 acids have also been shown to support skin, heart and immune system health—nourishing your dog from the inside out.
"Omega-3 acids are important as they reduce inflammation, which causes pain and discomfort in joints"
An example of such a supplement is Pets Purest's 100% Natural Pure Scottish Salmon Oil, which can strengthen the connective tissue around a dog’s joints, helping puppy owners promote healthy joints and senior dog owners ease comfort and protect against damage. The oil has a natural, delicious taste that is highly palatable, and all it takes is a small pump onto your dog's meal.
So, whether you’re just popping around the block, taking a day trip to a park or going hiking, keep your dog happy and healthy by implementing supplements into their diet to ensure you can keep their tails wagging for many walks to come.
Banner credit: Bigandt_Photography
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