10 Adorable animal dads in action

Like father, like pup. Here are some of nature's most dedicated fathers, doing their best to bring their over-active little ones up right, from waddling penguin papas to proud lion dads. 

1. Like father, like son

corgi sit training


2. This rhino dad is such a good roll model


3. A real life Mufasa and his little Simba

real life lion king
Image via Huffington Post


4. Now that's one protective papa


5. Ths pug dad just wanted some 'me' time

pug dad


6. It's a patient father who'll put up with food stealing


7. This baby elephant is so excited to be reunited with his dad

baby elephant dad


8. Who says dogs and cats can't get along? 


9. A long-suffering rhino father

rhino dad

10. And finally, a penguin dad who's doing his best

penguin dad


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