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100-word-story competition 2022: Vote for the winning under 12


1st Jan 2015 100-Word-Story Competition

100-word-story competition 2022: Vote for the winning under 12

From thousands of entries to just three, our team od judges has chosen the shortlist for the under 12s category of our 100-word-story competition, now it's up to you to vote for the winner

"The Night-Scuttlers"

by Isobel Black, 10

In the abyssal inky blackness of the night, the Night-Scuttlers crawl and squirm in the shadows of your pitch-black bedroom. PITTER PATTER… The feet of the hard-armoured goliath beetles and scuttling titan beetles stretch and creak as the insect’s eyes boil with hate and let out low groaning, grumbling murmurs as they creep threateningly along the walls and floor, multiplying rapidly; uncontrollably. The Tarantulas and Brown-violin-spiders cascade out of your cupboard ominously followed by deadly Wolf-spiders and Jumpsman-spiders. In the hollow silence of an ordinary night, the Night-Scuttlers writhe and worm along until they reach their sleeping, unsuspecting victim. YOU.


"A Dog Called Enzo"

by Lucy Vargas Soffer, 7 

One morning a dog called Enzo wanted to go on a countryside walk. His owner fastened his lead and they set off for a long walk. He spotted another dog and pulled on the lead. He pulled so hard that his head slipped through the collar and he was free. He ran and he ran. Meanwhile his owner was looking for him everywhere. She searched under the bushes, over the hills, and even went to his favourite butcher shop, but she couldn’t find him anywhere. When she got home feeling super sad, she found him waiting patiently on the doorstep.


"Im-pen-ding Doom"

by Evelyn Walters, 11

My cap was pulled off today. I was indignant and embarrassed, more than I can say! Yet again I was gripped tightly around the middle and forced to do the mum’s tedious receipts. My murky blood seeps from my single vein on to the paper. I know I am dying. I can feel my impending death oozing out with my last reserves of liquid. I see, ironically, pens are listed on this stationery receipt. Imagine their hopeful faces! Vitally, I would warn them, “Life as a pen, though long, is full of monotonous and painful tasks. Don’t run out of………