Best CBD & Hemp Tea UK

Best CBD & Hemp Tea UK
As CBD products continue to grow in variety and popularity, more and more become available as companies try to hit that sweet spot between taste, health benefits and price.
While the UK was a little late to the party, this is rapidly changing, and CBD tea is one of the reasons - if there is anything the UK loves, it’s a hot cup of tea!
It’s perhaps no surprise then that dozens of CBD tea products have become available in recent months.
Unfortunately, these teas range quite dramatically in both CBD content and quality - meaning you need to do your research if you’re going to buy one in the hope of managing your anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia or any other health related issue.
Luckily, we’ve done all of that research for you, and this post will contain the best CBD teas in the UK, bar none. 
But first:

What is CBD Tea?

Hemp tea and CBD tea are both types of tea that contain CBD. However, they aren’t necessarily the same thing.
Hemp tea is generally made of the hemp plant itself. It may have other added herbs and ingredients, but the drink is primarily an infusion of the hemp leaves or stem.
It rarely has added CBD, as the CBD content as well as a ton of other beneficial cannabinoids, vitamins and minerals all come directly from the hemp plant.
CBD tea on the other hand, is simply tea with CBD added. It could be made from actual tea leaves or another herb commonly used for tea such as chamomile or peppermint.
Both kinds contain CBD of course, but hemp tea is generally considered better for wellbeing uses due to the higher range of beneficial ingredients combined with the more natural quantity of CBD.
As a result, most of the options in this list are hemp teas, but that doesn’t mean a high quality CBD tea can’t work wonders too!

How to Make CBD Tea

CBD tea can be made just like any other cup of tea. If you have tea bags, you will want to add them to boiling water for 3-4 minutes before stirring and removing the teabag.
For loose leaf hemp tea, you will need a strainer or teapot to brew it for a similar amount of time before pouring.
Many of the best CBD teas in the UK (as shown in our list) come with a range of flavours, meaning that this may be all you need to do if you are a fan of herbal teas.
For other people who aren’t accustomed to herbal drinks, you may find the CBD taste is a little beyond what you’re used to - if this is the case, we would recommend adding ingredients such as honey or even other beneficial ingredients such as turmeric to make your CBD tea more suitable for your specific tastes.
Our #1 pick has already handled this for you and tastes just like a naturally flavourful tea, but some of the pure hemp options can be a little bitter.
You can even add CBD honey or MCT oil to increase the dose, if you have been getting good results from drinking CBD tea but feel you might benefit from using even more.
With that introduction covered, let’s take a look at the best options around:

1: Evopure Hemp Teas

Evopure is one of the leading producers of CBD tea products in the UK, offering high quality products sourced from sustainably grown EU hemp.
They also prioritise organic growing and environmental responsibility, making them one of our favourite hemp tea brands around.
They offer 3 separate hemp teas - Refresh (with lemongrass, rosehips and echinacea), Cleanse (with green tea and jasmine), and Relax (with chamomile), but all 3 contain 1g of phytocannabinoid rich organic hemp per teabag.
The high quality hemp is packed full of cannabinoids, omega fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, but the added herbal ingredients help to take both the results and the taste to the next level, winning Evopure an easy #1 spot on our list.

2: Buddha Teas

Buddha Teas are actually a CBD tea and not a hemp tea. However, they have done this the right way, adding 5mg of water soluble CBD to some great herbal blends such as turmeric and ginger or matcha green tea.
We would recommend anybody hoping to use CBD tea to promote health and wellbeing stick to Evopure thanks to the presence of other cannabinoids, but the high dose of CBD present here does go some way to mitigate that.
They also taste great and come in eco friendly packaging. Combine this with some great tasting flavours and this was an easy pick for our second spot!

3: Equilibrium CBD Tea

Equilibrium offers CBD infused tea bags. Their range includes some more standard flavours such as English Breakfast Tea. This makes them an ideal option for people who don’t like herbal teas or the taste of hemp and prefer to have a regular old cup of tea with a CBD kick.
It is a little pricey at only 12 bags per box, but for those who want to add an extra benefit to their morning cuppa, this is an excellent option.
They do offer herbal teas too, including a turmeric and ginger flavour, but these are lower in dosage than Buddha’s version and much less effective than Evopure while still being the most expensive, making them best avoided. If you go for an Equilibrium tea, the Breakfast flavour option is a must!

4: Doctor Herb Hemp Tea

Doctor Herb seems to be going less for health benefits and relaxation, and more for the cannabis enthusiast. With classic flavours like Gelatti, Wedding Cake, Biscotti, and Gushers, and some telltale pots as packaging, Doctor Herb seems to be going for a very specific audience.
They are also the most expensive option on our list at £34.95, meaning they are likely best avoided for those who are looking to try CBD tea for the first time, and more the realm of long term enthusiasts.
With that said, this is a high quality hemp tea made of dry hemp flowers, and so will be a great option for those who are actually looking for benefits from their CBD tea, such as reduced stress and anxiety (and who doesn’t want that at the start of the day!).

5: Euphoria Cannabis Hemp Tea

Euphoria tea is a great CBD tea for tea lovers as it comes in teabags and is made from hemp leaves instead of the whole plant. The leaves infuse into water more smoothly than any other part of the plant, making this the ideal option for those who are very specific about their tea and want to steep it to perfection.
It is also the only tea on the list that actually has a hemp/cannabis scent to it, which could be an upside or a negative depending on your point of view.
This strong bodied tea rounds out our list and is one of the most natural CBD teas available.

6: Dr Greenlove’s Amsterdam CBD Tea Bags

Made from 100% pure EU certified hemp grown in the Netherlands, Dr Greenlove’s tea is a smooth and natural way to take your CBD. At £8.99 for 20 tea bags, it is one of the cheapest pure hemp teas available in the UK, and the manufacturers recommend you take it with CBD honey for an extra boost.
Equally usable with or without milk, this CBD tea is one of the only UK options that are grown in the Netherlands, a country famed for its high quality cannabis and hemp.
The brand also has a wide range of positive reviews and enthusiastic fans, which is always a good sign!


If you’re looking for a high quality CBD tea, we highly recommend you stick to one from this list, as there are a lot of low quality imitations out there. Premature regulations and varying laws across countries and states means the quality of these products varies dramatically, and some of them don’t contain any CBD at all.
By sticking to this list you’re guaranteeing yourself a high quality CBD tea, and if it’s possible for you to experience wellbeing benefits from a UK CBD tea product, the ones listed here can achieve it for you.
It is highly beneficial to use a CBD tea that is broad spectrum, as this means you get the benefits of over 100 other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, vitamins, minerals, and omega fatty acids - as opposed to JUST CBD, which is what you are getting with any product that has “CBD isolate” as it’s main ingredient.
If you do decide to branch out and look for another CBD tea, we recommend that you ensure it is:
  • Organic
  • Sustainably grown
  • Ideally made from the hemp plant and not just other plants with CBD added
  • Third party tested
  • Broad spectrum
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