7 tips for using your time more wisely

7 tips for using your time more wisely
Sometimes it can be hard to switch off and focus on one thing at a time, leading to time being wasted. follow these seven tips for a more production life and save yourself some time
  1. Only have three major things on your daily to-do list. To reduce stress and help you become more effective, have a daily plan for the tasks you need to accomplish, but include a maximum of three challenging or time-consuming jobs. Getting these done will give you a sense of achievement. 
  2. Call time on social media. We’re not suggesting you stop for good, but social media is a terrible time-waster. So set an alarm to signal that it’s time to stop checking Facebook, Instagram and other sites and apps. Then do the things you always say you’re too busy for— going for a run or writing that novel.
  3. Build in buffer time. Given that almost everything takes longer than you expect, leave a cushion of ten to 15 minutes in between tasks to allow yourself to recharge and eliminate stress. 
  4. Leave ten minutes earlier than you need to. Similarly, to avoid any angst about arriving late, build in an extra ten minutes to your outward and return journeys. 
  5. Prepare for a journey the night before. We’ve all endured that manic morning rush. To avoid it, check the weather, transport and traffic reports online and pack everything you need the evening before. 
  6. Learn while you drive. If you’ve always been meaning to learn Spanish or read the classics, your car journey can help you realise that ambition. Even being stuck in a traffic jam is bearable if you’re absorbed in an exciting audiobook. 
  7. Draw up a timeline for important projects. Even if your project is a long-term one, start the planning process as soon as possible. Write out a timeline, with short-term goals leading up to the achievement of your long-term ambition. But be realistic.