7 Proven ways to improve your concentration

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7 Proven ways to improve your concentration
We're all suffering from poorer concentration nowadays, but there are ways you can improve your focus and get stuff done. Here are some simple habits to try

1. Minimise distraction

Removing yourself from people and devices will allow you to concentrate better. Work in a different room if you can. If you find yourself sidetracked by digital devices, turn off notifications and train yourself to check them at set intervals. Set a timer.

2. Find the right sound

Whether it’s music, white noise or even silence, you might find there’s a particular sound that helps you maintain your attention. This enhances alpha waves—brain waves that promote relaxation and are thought to play a role in cognition and, according to a small 2015 American study, make you more creative.
Man listening to music while concentrating at work on laptop

3. Move your body

When you exercise, your heart rate increases, prompting your body to release a protein called brain-derived neurotrophic factor, or BDNF, which aids nerve cell growth. This is important for concentration, memory and learning.

4. Focus on the right foods

You might get a boost from certain so-called “brain foods”. These include fish, nuts, blueberries and dark chocolate (in moderation, of course!). One of the best ways to keep your brain in trim is to eat a healthy diet.

5. Sleep well

Woman stretching in bed after good night's sleep
Who doesn’t suffer from brain fog after a bad night? Everyone needs different amounts of shut-eye but aiming for seven to nine hours is considered the ideal. 

6. Structure your life

Having a daily routine, including breaks, will minimise the brain fatigue that goes with having to make endless on-the-hoof decisions and allow you to focus on the really important stuff.

7. Fix attention-sapping health issues

Tackle hearing problems, which demand excessive and sometimes exhausting concentration, sleep apnoea or depression, and consider whether you might have ADHD
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