6 Teas that could improve your health

6 Teas that could improve your health

Science suggests a cuppa could soothe more than your soul. And with that excuse, stick the kettle on!

As the weather cools down, what could be more welcome than a hot brew? These teas may even boost your health at the very same time they’re warming you up.


Black tea

It sounds too good to be true, but there’s some indication that your conventional cuppa might help you lose weight. Recent research in mice found that black tea increases healthy gut bacteria which is thought to help people shed extra kilos.



Well known as a soothing bedtime drink to help you sleep, this herbal tea may boost the immune system, reduce muscle spasms and relax nerves, according to research.



Green tea contains a catechin —an antioxidant compound—that may alleviate insulin resistance, associated with Type 2 diabetes, making it a metabolism booster. It’s thought to raise the rate at which you burn calories. And like black tea, it may help lessen your chances of cancer. A bonus: it may also boost your memory.



Far from giving you a nasty sting, this mellow brew has long been renowned for soothing muscle and joint pain, and even treating urinary tract infections, because it’s a diuretic. Its use was documented as long ago as Ancient Greek times.



An American study found people with moderately high blood pressure who drank three cups a day for six weeks lowered the systolic figure by an average seven points.



peppermint tea.jpg

Research suggests that peppermint tea is a stomach calmer, able to help relieve indigestion. In fact, researchers have found a whole raft of benefits—antiviral and antimicrobial properties, which could help prevent infections, and antioxidant and anti-tumour actions. It also makes for a great decongestant.

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