12 Days of Fitmas with Roger Black

A 12 day program for fitness from Roger Black.

Let’s face it – we are all feeling the pinch this year so understandably Christmas 2022 may be somewhat pared back for many of us. Whether you are struggling with finances, your health, being alone over the holidays or worrying about your loved ones, #TeamRBF has collated a few wellbeing suggestions to help you prepare physically and mentally for the Christmas season – ‘The 12 Days of Fitmas’. 

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Day 1     —     Write a list of what you need to prepare for the holidays or what you want to change or improve upon, health-wise, as we approach the New Year. Seeing your thoughts and tasks down on paper can help you to focus.

Day 2         Now you have your list, think through what is achievable and manageable in terms of movement and exercise. If you have health conditions that limit mobility, best to check with your GP or specialist first.

Day 3         If you are keen to lose a few pounds before Christmas or into the New Year, consider what you enjoy, exercise-wise. Many of you might not enjoy exercise classes but might love the outdoors and walking so find one or more activities that work for you.

Day 4         If you want to invest in some home fitness equipment and commit to exercising indoors, stick to a budget and work out how much space you have. Foldable machines tend to take up less space, are slightly cheaper and weigh less.

Day 5         Do your research: whether you use Trustpilot.com or read specialist magazines such as which.co.uk, fit your requirements to ranges on offer. For example, our best-selling folding exercise bike is priced at just £179* and is designed for men and women alike. Roger Black Folding Exercise Bike | Foldable Exercise Bike (rogerblackfitness.com)

Day 6         Buy what you need; whether you opt for stretching and buy a yoga mat with some blocks, some light weights or a foldable or stationary exercise machine, you are committing to and investing in yourself and your health. Mark a big tick on your list. You are half-way through so “Well done!”.

Day 7         Your equipment may arrive today or perhaps on day 8, depending on delivery times and where you buy. The first task is to check your purchase and read associated manuals or instructions. You may need some help putting your machine together.

Day 8          If your machine or accessories are good to go, where do you start? Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes, some non-slip footwear and that you have some water for hydration. Start slowly and increase your activity over time, especially if you haven’t exercised for some time. Always remember to warm up before you exercise – use an online resource such as YouTube for starter programmes.

Day 9          How do you feel after day one? If you spent 15 minutes exercising on Day 8, commit to the same today. You need to get your body used to moving as part of your daily routine. The best routines become habits but don’t overdo it.

Day 10       Ideally, you want to be building up to 30 minutes of exercise per day if this is manageable. This is the amount recommended by NHS and many experts although some days you might feel more up to it than others. Listen to your body. So try 16 or 17 minutes today.

Day 11        If you have bought a treadmill, it’s perfect for walking on a flat surface, if you are a little unsteady. You can also hold on to the arms as you walk if you need extra support. You can also manually adjust your speed, starting slowly of course. Maybe try an extra minute today?

Day 12       The big day 12. Look how far you have come from day one and your list? The greatest of life changes stem from one small or big decision and this journey is yours to enjoy, not just for now but for every Christmas.

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