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8th Jul 2019 Health Conditions

Back in June, we asked you - our lovely readers to send in your eye health questions to Ultralase Eye Clinic's medical director Dr. Ilango.

As promised, here are the answers.


1) I was told that I've started to develop a cataract in both my eyes. In your opinion, should I wait until it gets worse or seek treatment straight away?

Cataract surgery is a lot quicker and technically easier during the early stages of the condition. The younger the patient, the less risk there is of infections and other complications.

2) Is lens replacement permanent?

Yes, the artificial lenses implanted are designed to last a lifetime.

3) My mother has blindness in one eye and a cataract in the other. About 3 years ago, a consultant who suggested they delay the cataract removal until it got worse. My question is what is the percentage risk of cataract removal going wrong?

Risk of eye infection after cataract surgery is about 1 in 1000. The risk gets higher the older the patient is. My advice would be to get the surgery done soon by an experienced consultant.

4) Can lens replacement be done when my prescription gets worse every year? 

Only laser surgery cannot be performed while the patients prescription is unstable. For lens replacement surgery it doesnt matter.

5) 6 weeks ago I had a stroke from which I am recovering well from. I have been told I have a slow growing cataract, however, since my stroke my close up vision is far more blurry than before. I am told that it could take 4 months to settle down. Should I be concerned?

After a stroke, the body can take about 6 months to recover some function. Stroke does cause visual field loss leading to poor vision. There is a possibility some of the visual loss would be recovered by the healing process. 

I would advise to take medication as advised by your GP/Stroke Specialist. Stroke is usually due to high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. Medications to control the above are important towards recovery.

6) I have just had an eye test and they said that I have narrow angles, is this a problem?

Narrow angles can lead to build up of eye pressure and cause glaucoma.

Preventive treatments are:

1. Eye drops prescribed by the doctor.

2. YAG laser treatment.

7) I had a bilateral cataract operation in August 2016. I had YAG laser surgery bilaterally in April this year. Subsequently, it seems that the Toric lens in my left eye (I have an astigmatism) has been displaced and reading with that eye is virtually impossible. 

What's the solution, please?

Suitable treatments include LASIK and LASEK laser eye surgery. Your eye surgeon will be able to talk about your suitability for these. 

Lens replacement surgery is the most commonly performed procedure in the World.

The procedure corrects long-sight, short-sight, presbyopia, astigmatism and cataracts­offering complete independence from glasses.

For more information on eye surgery talk to our friends at Ultralase on 0800 988 6385.

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