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The zero-effort guide to keeping fit on holiday

The zero-effort guide to keeping fit on holiday

Build fun activities into your time away and you may even counter the extra calories you consume. Try to be active for at least two hours a day while your on holiday. These simple steps make it easy. 

Go for an evening stroll

walking on holiday

Take a leaf out of the book of people in southern Mediterranean countries and go for a walk when it’s a bit cooler. Try to make it a daily ritual while you’re away.

It’s a pleasant way to experience local life and you’ll feel mentally and physically refreshed.


Get in the water

couple in pool

Don’t just veg out at the water’s edge but go for a swim from time to time, play games or just walk in the water.

Merely standing in waist-high water is a good workout, thanks to the action of the water. Or if that all sounds a bit too cold and wet, hire a paddle boat or rowing boat, or go sailing.

Messing about on the water burns calories and engages your muscles more than being on dry land.


Play mini golf

minin golf

You’ve probably never thought of miniature golf as an exercise, but it’ll burn more calories than sitting around. Plus you’ll have a great time.


Fly a stunt kite

kite flying

An excellent activity for a windy day, it will give your upper body a great workout as you grapple with that kite and run to keep it in the air or chase it down when it plummets to earth.


Fling a frisbee


You’ll get your heart rate up every time you have to run or leap for that errant plastic disc or disc golf. And if you play frisbee on a sandy beach, you’ll be working those leg muscles that much harder.


Hold a family Olympics

family swimming

Have a daily competition in the swimming pool, such as swimming between people’s legs or making the biggest splash, or a week-long badminton tournament. And make sure you make it as silly as possible.

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