Lu-177 treatment of advanced prostate cancer

Modern medicine uses a huge number of different methods for prostate cancer treatment. However, traditional methods of treatment are not always effective. For this reason, scientists are developing more and more innovative methods that demonstrate better results in oncology treatment.

For today, Lu-177 treatment is one of the most efficient methods of metastatic prostate cancer therapy. You can receive it in the specialized hospitals of Germany and the USA. These countries offer high-quality procedures and thorough follow-up care. That is why they are so popular among patients around the world.


Benefits of foreign countries

Treatment in world-known clinics has a number of advantages. It should be noted that the number of foreign patients undergoing treatment in Germany has increased by 40% over the past few years. This is explained by a vast list of advantages.

The most important issue is that large multidisciplinary and specialized hospitals have progressive equipment, which not only improves the treatment efficiency but also allows diagnosing prostate cancer at the earliest stages.

Moreover, each foreign clinic provides patients with a high level of care, because they value their reputation. In most foreign medical centers, you will be provided with the services of a personal interpreter, which will make it easier to communicate with the medical staff during treatment.

Prostate cancer manifestations

As a rule, the initial stages of prostate cancer are asymptomatic. Symptoms of the disease appear only in advanced cancer forms or metastatic prostate cancer.

When detected at an early stage, the treatment of prostate cancer is usually successful. However, with the appearance of metastases, the effectiveness of treatment is reduced significantly. If prostate cancer is not detected in time, the patient may develop such complications as:

  • Bladder dysfunction.

  • Loss of fertility.

  • Erectile dysfunction.

  • Intestinal dysfunction.

  • Pain syndrome.

To increase the rate of early detection of prostate cancer, it is necessary to undergo regular medical check-ups. This will help you avoid serious complications, as well as increase the effectiveness of treatment.

Treatment of prostate tumors

The surgical method is the most common type of prostate cancer treatment. Nevertheless, it has many undesirable effects. That is why doctors are trying to apply more innovative methods of treatment.

Today, men with prostate cancer can undergo PSMA therapy with Lutetium, i.e. radioisotope of Lutetium – Lutetium-177. This method has shown a higher efficiency, as well as safety for the patients compared with the traditional methods.

In prostate cancer, each tumor cell has a specific marker, the so-called prostatic-specific membrane. Lutetium PSMA therapy includes using a combination of two substances that reinforce each other. The prostate-specific membrane antigen helps to find tumor cells, and the radioactive Lutetium molecule destroys them.

Treatment during lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted the plans of millions of people who wanted to undergo treatment abroad. Despite the lockdown, you can still get medical advice from the best doctors from around the world.

For this purpose, there are online medical consultations, during which you can communicate with the doctor via the Internet. The main advantage of this method is that you do not need to go to another country. It is enough to have Internet access. 

Certified doctors will help you to diagnose your disease, prescribe the necessary examinations, as well as choose the suitable treatment for you. After that, you may receive a chance to visit Germany for PSMA therapy with Lu-177, as medical reasons and invitation from the hospital may be sufficient for receiving permission to travel abroad.

Treatment abroad

The best clinics of the world are ready to provide innovative treatment in the sphere of nuclear medicine. All you need to do to receive treatment abroad is contact the medical tourism operator Booking Health.

Over many years of experience, the company's specialists have helped to organize treatment abroad for millions of patients. It should be noted that with Booking Health Lu-177 treatment abroad will be cheaper for you than if you organize everything by yourself. Patients of Booking Health do not need to pay extra fees for the foreigners. In addition, patients of Booking Health have personal interpreters and an individual medical coordinator.

It's time to entrust your health to professionals.

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