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How sex could save your life

How sex could save your life

From burning calories to boosting your immune system, here are frive ways scientists have found sex can enhance your health and general wellbeing.

1. Sex protects your heart

Men who make love only once a month or less have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease over men who have nookie at least twice a week, so more regular physical activity can prove beneficial.

2. Passion relieves pain

Your pain threshold can leap by up to 74 per cent as you reach orgasm.

3. Sex burns calories

Having sexual intercourse is the equivalent of embarking on a 1km walk followed by a climb up two flights of stairs, so is both a more pleasurable and effective way of brning off the calories.

4. Making love reduces stress

Volunteers who’d had intercourse were found to be the least stressed, with blood pressure returning to normal much faster, so it is a proven way to help you relax.

5. Intimacy boosts your immune system

Having sex once or twice a week may result in higher levels of an antibody called IgA, which protects you against a number of potential infections.


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