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8 Easy ways to improve your leg strength

8 Easy ways to improve your leg strength

Our legs are made up of some of the largest muscle groups in our bodies, and we completely rely on them to help us get around. Here's how to improve your leg strength and ensure they stay in shape as you age. 

1. Clench your bum when you stop at traffic lights

As you wait, tighten your thighs and bottom over and over again. It’s worth it, as stronger leg muscles will help you accomplish more every day, especially as you get older.

You’ll climb stairs more easily, squat to pick things up and protect your back from injury.


2. Do leg lifts as you cook dinner

Flex your foot and lift your leg out to the side, lower it, then repeat ten to 15 times.

Make sure you move only at the hip and don’t let your waist move. Then swap legs.


seniors cooking and working out


3. Step up on a stool to get something off a high shelf

Not only will you strengthen your pins, you’ll also avoid straining your back by reaching up. 


4. Climb the stairs three at a time

This strengthens the gluteal muscles in your bottom and revs up your heart rate, boosting cardiovascular fitness. What’s not to love?


5. Do the twist

Twist again like you did, well, a few summers ago! This time, it’s to help you burn a few calories and build up your leg muscles.

To avoid embarrassing the younger generation, do this dance in your living room and not at the next family wedding!


twist dance
GIF via The Young Folks


6. Add a hill to your walking route

As you trudge up, you’ll feel the muscles in the backs of your legs working hard to push off every time you take a step.


7. Lunge across the garden

Your neighbours might find it funny, but you’ll have the last laugh when you sculpt a toned pair of legs with just a few minutes’ effort every day.

During each step forward, bend your knees and sink down until both legs form 90-degree angles. Then press into your front heel to rise.

Lift your back leg and knee all the way into your chest before placing it in front of you for the next lunge.


8. Organise a tiptoe contest

Every other day, challenge your children, grandchildren, partner or friends to rise onto the balls of their feet and walk across the room.

Whoever lowers their heels to the floor first loses. You’ll have lots of laughs and strengthen your arches, ankles, and calves at the same time.


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