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11 steps to better vision


1st Jan 2015 Health Conditions

11 steps to better vision
Are your eyes deteriorating? Or perhaps you want to make sure your eyes are looked after, preventing any future problems. Follow our 11 steps for better vision and you’ll be seeing clearly.

1. Favour fish

Regular fish consumption reduces the risk of macular degeneration, according to a study of 3500 adults aged over 49. The refsearchers said the protective effect was due to high omega-3 fatty acid levels in fish, which may help maintain cell membranes in the retina.

2. Think zinc

The retina contains particularly high amounts of zinc. Pumpkin and sunflower seeds, barley, chicken, crabs and oysters are sources of this essential mineral.

3. Squint no more

Don’t forget to wear your sunglasses. Too much exposure to ultraviolet light while we’re young can increase the risk of developing cataract and macular degeneration later in life. Make sure your sunglasses are UV-protected.

4. Get your greens

These foods contain high amounts of lutein and zeaxanthin, two antioxidants concentrated in the macula, the portion of the retina responsible for clear vision.

5. Stop smoking

A Harvard Medical School study of about 50,000 women aged 45-67 found smokers had a 63% increased risk of cataracts, compared with non-smokers. Cigarette smokers are more than twice as likely as non-smokers to develop age-related macular degeneration (ARMD). People who are frequently exposed to second-hand smoke experience irritation to the conjunctiva caused by tobacco fumes and noxious chemicals.

6. Give in to wearing glasses

Can eye exercises reduce your need for glasses or contact lenses? In the vast majority of cases, no. It’s better to wear glasses or contacts if they help you to achieve your optimum vision.

7. Look into your family history

Ask family members if they know of any relatives who had or have macular degeneration— and especially the inherited form, macular dystrophy. If there is a family history, regular eye tests are especially important to spot the condition before permanent damage is done.

8. Fit frames

Some online stores offer a fun way to see how a new pair of glasses look on you. Simply choose a frame range, upload your photo, then click ìtry on.î opticaldirect.com

9. Test your eye IQ

Q: True or false: Each of us has a dominant eye and a non-dominant eye, similar to being right- or left-handed.
A: True. Roughly two-thirds of the population is right-eye dominant and one-third left-eye dominant. To find your eyedness, extend both arms, then bring both hands together to create a small opening. With both eyes open, view a distant object through the opening. Then alternate closing the eyes to determine which eye is viewing the object (ie, the dominant eye).

10. Contacts for less

Once you have a regular prescription for your contacts, jump online to order at reduced prices.

11. Eye strain

Many of us can feel eye strain after reading, watching TV or using the computer. While it can be bothersome, it’s generally not dangerous for your eyes. Try these tips:
  • Close your eyes
  • Look at a distant scene
  • Get up, stretch,