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Fighting Cravings in Your Fitness Journey

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Fighting Cravings in Your Fitness Journey
We all know that you are as good as your ability to control your desires is. The number one secret to achieving or failing to achieve one's fitness goal has always been capturing and controlling one's desires. It's our desires that influence the roads we take in life. 
These desires can either help make or break your dreams. It's imperative to understand that it's a critical factor in the fitness journey to not give in to cravings. What cravings, you ask? We shall discuss the top 3 fitness cravings beginners face when committing to a healthy and fit lifestyle.

1. Sugar Carvings

I don't even need to mention this; this point is probably what you already know. The most significant and vital cravings affect one's fitness journey. You may have heard that you are what you eat. If you want to improve your body, you need to, first and foremost, enhance your diet. A healthy diet is the most significant pillar of a strong body. Even more so, 80% of your hard work and the rest 20% are your gym workouts. We advise all individuals struggling with this that the key is not to quit sugar altogether! It's to find relatively healthy and better replacements.
Yes! You heard it right. You do not need to go cold turkey on sugar. Switching to heal their options like brown sugar or even sugar-free sweeteners is a progression! If you love drinking coke, switch to a diet. Yes, it's not the complete solution, but everything starts with a step, albeit how small it is. 

2. Smoking Cravings

It's widespread to hear people skipping gym days because they feel irritated and not able to focus due to having strong cigarette smoking urges. It's even an issue while working out when you are in the middle of the set and now have a sudden and strong urge to take a smoke break, and little you know, your exercise has ended with your smoke break. For such individuals, we recommend switching to alternatives to nicotine. So this way, you can satisfy your nicotine cravings whilst still pumping the iron! Some of the other options include nicotine patches, pouches (tobacco-free), gums and nicotine lozenges. It's essential to refer to your physician to understand which option may be best for you and only then utilize the alternatives. 

3. Cheat Meal

We believe it is one of the biggest manipulators of our minds. Unfortunately, it's a myth that one should have regular cheat meals to be motivated. We don't believe you should torture yourself with bland, boring food all week only to wait for a cheat meal. The best diet is a sustainable diet. You should ensure that every meal that you eat is something that you enjoy. Hoping for a cheat meal is always setting yourself up for failure. That does not mean you can never have a guilty snack once in a while; we encourage you to do it!
However, the concept of a "cheat meal" per se makes people go overboard. Let's say you have been reducing 200 calories per day of your meals in the diet. It would equate to 1400 kcal a week. Many people go overboard when they think cheat meals are okay and consume 3000 kcal! This ultimately makes your diet redundant. So next time you have a guilty food craving, know what you eat and count calories!
That's all, folks! The above three points will help our bidding fitness enthusiasts! 
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