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How to pull off the best board game night for friends and family

How to pull off the best board game night for friends and family
With new consoles coming out every year, not to mention so many other activities to enjoy on a weekly basis, many families are overlooking the potential of one of the most traditional forms of fun - board games.
These exciting games come in all shapes and sizes and in the past, they were all the rage. After recently seeing a host of celebrities showcasing their family fun nights with board games, influencers have helped to bring this activity back into the spotlight and as this trend is now on its way back around, we thought a good way to demonstrate how fun they can be is with an article dedicated to pulling off the perfect board game night for the whole family.

What are board games?

We understand that for some, board games might be an alien concept that older generations used to enjoy before the introduction of modern smartphones, devices and online games. In short, a board game is a type of activity, typically played around a table, where each player present takes on a role, or selects a token and then dice are rolled to determine the outcome. Some games are a little more interactive and involve coloring pictures, or writing on paper, while others rely on cards.
There are a broad selection of these types of games, and each of them can be more exciting than the last. There are strategic games, where players can control their own armies and march forward, as well as traditional games such as Monopoly, which can provide hours and hours of fun. A good board game night has a lot to do with the type of game chosen - but it’s also important to ensure that entertainment, food and drinks are provided too, so that everyone feels comfortable and willing to sit down for the time needed to enjoy the chosen game.

A modern touch for an old tradition

Board games have been around for millennia. Archaeologists have found evidence of simple yet engaging games being played that date back to Ancient Rome, Greece and even Egypt. People simply love this type of entertainment and it seems ingrained into our very DNA as a way to bond, share time and have fun with loved ones.
Of course, there were also gambling games back then as there are now. Where modern societies use chips and tokens, our ancient ancestors relied on carved animal bones and primitive currencies.
Fortunately, we have access to many more features than were available years ago, including electricity - which can play a vital role in board game nights. From adjusting the lighting to set the mood (ideal for games of Dungeons and Dragons), right through to an upbeat playlist during a round of Monopoly, there are so many unique options.
People that simply enjoy game nights as opposed to board games can benefit from modern devices including Alexa or Google Assistant, which can ask questions, provide answers, or even tell jokes.
Free text to speech tool is also available, like the type found on CapCut, which can be ideal for those that want to prepare a game ahead of time and then have it read aloud when needed. CapCut also has a variety of other tools for video editing and more, so there’s no reason why a custom game couldn’t be invented if someone is creative enough to do so.
The text to speech converter is easy to use, and once the site has been visited, navigating to this section is very simple. Text can be uploaded in a copy/ paste format, or directly from a file and the AI software will then evaluate the content and begin converting it into a verbal version.
This can be downloaded and used as required. Signing up to CapCut is also very easy and as no credit card is required and with options for a free trial, a user can simply log in and enjoy the features of the service until they decide if they’d like to buy a full version.
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What makes a great game night?

First and foremost, it’s the people. There’s nothing quite like a group of avid players coming together, bringing their own drinks and cake, and then sitting around a living room waiting to decide on a game. With everyone together, a game can be decided on, and it could be a short game of charades, or an extensive strategy game involving ships and military. On a board game night, anything can go, from the most elusive and little-known games, to the more well-known and popular.
Another thing to consider is the presence of snacks and drinks. No good game night would be complete without edibles nearby and these can range from fast food like pizza, right up to home-cooked meals depending on the occasion. A dedicated space is also important as there’s nothing worse than everyone having to squeeze around a tiny table, or sit uncomfortably around a room.
This might not be an option for everyone, so a good alternative might be to clear space on the floor so that everyone can be seated conveniently in close proximity.

Finishing touches

With good lighting, ambient music, a dedicated space and plenty of food and drink for guests to enjoy, a gaming night will be ready to enjoy. All that’s needed will be a board game chosen to suit everyone’s preferences, and the finishing touch being a warm, welcoming smile as everyone prepares to enjoy a great night ahead, complete with laughing, joking and memories that will be cherished until the next game night comes around.