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A beginner’s guide to casual gaming


27th Nov 2020 Games & Puzzles

A beginner’s guide to casual gaming

The progression of technology has made many world-class innovations and limitless options available to us.  

The same goes for the gaming industry, which affords both veteran and new players a multitude of choices. You don’t have to be a gaming enthusiast to enjoy various games.

Studios and companies have designed games that cater to the occasional gamer. These games are suitable for those looking for simple titles that don’t require advanced gaming technique and high-tech equipment. 

We’ve compiled a list of games and sites for casual gamers.


Find a favourable website

Although there are numerous 3D and high-definition games, some people enjoy the simplicity of the 2D world. You can find these titles on multiple websites, including: 


King is the development studio that created the world-famous Candy Crush Saga, Candy Crush Jelly Saga, and Candy Crush Soda Saga. 

You can play King’s games on your desktop and mobile device.

Study hall games

Here you’ll find a collection of arcade games that contain short play games and easy graphics. The games have short levels which mean players do not have to become engrossed and can stop playing at a moment’s notice. 


This website is for casino lovers. It contains mini-games or demo-versions of real games, that allow players to win real money without any prior knowledge or skill. There are exciting games and features to choose from such as a welcome bonus on John Slots

Do your research

There are so many games to choose from, with some of them having similar features, graphics or missions. Games like Kate Upton’s Game of War and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mobile strike are base-building games that have the same characteristics. 

You don’t want to be stuck playing the wrong games, so before choosing one, do your research and determine which one is more to your liking. 

You Won’t Finish Levels as Fast as Other Players

Casual players won’t reach new levels as fast as frequent players. 

Games unleash a competitive streak in people, and they can be tenacious in trying to reach a new level, but the truth is; a casual player might not uphold the same enthusiasm over some time that a hardcore player will. Some people have more time and more energy to invest in a game. 

The more the merrier

Games normally have exciting bonus offers and promotions for its players. To be eligible for these rewards, developers normally require you to get others involved. 

Most games request that you invite your friends to play on social media platforms. You can send them an invitation with the game’s link, and this will activate the specified reward. 

Bear in mind, not all people like it when you bombard them with game requests, so if you’ve noticed a friend not responding to it, refrain from sharing the link with them again. 

Play offline

Players find it distressing when virtual strangers come from nowhere and try to destroy their progress. If you’re not a frequent gamer, these actions are a hindrance and a violation. 

For occasional and inexperienced players, the best course would be to play offline. This way, you’ll be playing by yourself with no interruptions from other players that may cause distraction and upheaval. 

Playing offline works in letting you play the game at your pace, and you can quit when you want. 

Final thoughts

Gaming is artistry that hordes of people participate in and enjoy, and we’ve discovered that you don’t have to be an accomplished player if you want to experience the thrill of it. 

Casual gamers have been around for ages, and now there are a plethora of avenues to go through when searching for a game that suits their needs. 


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