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WIN a Webb Cordless Lawnmower

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WIN a Webb Cordless Lawnmower
We've partnered with Webb Garden Power to give one lucky reader the chance to win a cordless lawnmower in time for Spring.
Image of company logo for Webb Garden Power
Are you tired of the hassle of cords and cables while trying to achieve the perfect lawn? Look no further! The Webb WEV20LM33 Cordless Lawnmower is here to transform your lawn-mowing experience into a breeze. Designed for small to medium lawns, this mower is powered by a robust 20V 4Ah battery, allowing you to conquer your lawn with ease and precision.
To find out more about Webb Garden Power visit https://webbgardenpower.co.uk/
Image of a Webb WEV20LM33 Cordless Lawnmower

Prize Crossword

Complete the crossword and the letters in the yellow squares can be sorted to reveal a word that describes a type of weather perfect for a spot of gardening.  Write this word on the entry form. 
Image of a crossword grid for competition to win a cordless lawnmower
1 Unskilled actor (3)
3 Evergreen tree (3)
5 Prepare for action (5,2)
9 Cores (7)
13 Collection of rules (3)
14 Round bread roll (3)
1 Casual greetings (3)
2 Unaccounted for after a battle (1,1,1)
3 Craze (3)
4 Tigger's bouncy friend (3)
6 End of a gold club (3)
7 Negative (3)
8 Bind (3)
9 Small unit of heat (3)
10 At the present time (3)
11 Ridicule (3)
12 Male child (3)
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