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The cheat’s raspberry crème brûlée

BY Rachel Walker

21st Aug 2019 Recipes

The cheat’s raspberry crème brûlée

The easiest and most delicious crème brûlée... the cheat's way!

This recipe is more closely related to a Scottish Cranachan than a French Crème Brûlée. I’m sure continental chefs would be appalled, but my grandmother proudly presented these as “crème brûlées”, so I shall too. It’s far easier than a traditional recipe—no splitting eggs, no bain-marie, no culinary blow torch needed. Instead this quick summer dish can be easily made with children (or grandchildren) during the summer holidays, when raspberries are at their peak.

Raspbery Creme01.jpg

Ingredients (serves 4-6)

250g fresh raspberries
1tbsp sugar
300ml double cream
300ml Greek yogurt
2-3tbsp dark brown soft sugar


1. Rinse the raspberries, sprinkle with the sugar and divide between the ramekins.

2. Meanwhile, whip the double cream into soft peaks and then stir in the Greek yogurt to loosen it slightly. Spoon it over the raspberries.

3. Finally, top with dark brown soft sugar. Either pop the ramekins under a hot grill for 2 minutes until the sugar melts and starts to bubble, or (as my grandmother used to do) simply pop in the fridge with raw sugar lid so that it bleeds into the yogurt and creates a sweet top.


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