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Italian brand taking the gluten free world by storm


28th Apr 2022 Recipes

Italian brand taking the gluten free world by storm

Its 2022, of course theres no gluten in your life! Gluten has basically become the new cows milk, it has almost become taboo just saying the word Gluten.

Over the past decade, gluten-free living has emerged as a must-do dieting trend and popular lifestyle for cutting weight and clearing complexions. With health awareness culture on the rise, gluten free living has become more sought after and followed by the general public. Whether you want to live a Poosh-like lifestyle, by following Kourtney Kardashians guidelines, or stay up to date with the latest instagram recipes from @nobread, gluten free living is all around us... and it looks like its here to stay. Although the idea of committing to a fully gluten free life can be very intimidating and overwhelming, theres a simplistic solution... say, Ciao” to Caremoli Gluten Free!

In 1908, the Caremoli family started a confectionery business in Italy, and the rest is history! The family-owned business, with deep Italian roots, successfully blossomed for decades to come. Being that the Caremoli family was so seasoned in the food industry, and had access to market specialists, they were able to take the courageous leap, and branch out into a whole new market— finished products. Not only was this the first time the company was making the step into the finished product industry, but on top of that all their products are Gluten Free. As stated in their websites History, We want to make your life easier and, tastier,” and they did just that. Caremoli Gluten Free continued to state, We want everyone, to have their guilty pleasure and not have to sacrifice good taste or scramble to find it.”

Caremoli Gluten Free, a brand you can trust, uses high quality ingredients, and is certified gluten free both in the United States and in Europe. They make it possible for their Celiac clients to try the flavors of the Italian coast with their delicious (and guilt free) Focaccia Mix, as well as make traditional Italian Biscotti, hassle free, with their gluten free Biscotti Mix. The brand truly transports you to Italy all while making healthy eating habits easy to incorporate into daily life.

Gluten Free and Italian food may seem like very contradictory subjects, being that Italy is known for its highly carbohydrate based staple foods like pizza, pasta, and bread, but this is not the case. Italy has actually been a trailblazer in gluten-free technology and discovery due to the [prevalent] use of gluten in their cooking.” “Italy was one of the biggest importers and producers of gluten-free products when they came out in the 1980s and, today, Italy exports around 1.83 million tons of gluten-free pasta around the world[1]. Italy has nearly 4,000 gluten-free restaurants approved by the Italian Celiac Association[2], and Italians diagnosed with Celiac Disease receive vouchers from the government of up to 140 Euros per month to buy gluten-free products and public institutions, such as schools and hospitals, are also required to provide gluten-free options[3].”

If youre looking to make a step into a new health journey this year, heres your simple and delicious chance, Caremoli Gluten Free is here to guide the way with their new delicious, ready-to-eat gluten free products and mixes. The aroma of a home cooked Caremoli Gluten Free Italian meals will make the transition seamlessly delicious.

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