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11 Homemade edible Christmas gifts

BY Helen Best-Shaw

9th Dec 2017 Recipes

11 Homemade edible Christmas gifts

Here are a few ideas for an afternoon of creativity—a couple of hours’ work, and all the presents are done. Perfect!

Christmas presents are a minefield. You want to give something that’s wanted, but knowing exactly what that is without asking can be tricky—and asking ruins the surprise. And if a present isn’t wanted, then it just joins the “piles of stuff” that seem to be taking over.

More and more friends and family are embracing minimalism and are saying that they don’t want anything unless they can eat or drink it—and what better way to show them you care than by making something?


1. Chocolate chip and cranberry snickerdoodle biscuits

Image via Fuss Free Flavours

A delicious, Christmassy cinnamon-flavoured biscuit as a starting point. These chocolate and cranberry snickerdoodles are thrice winners: chocolate and cranberries for Christmas flavours, crammed into the wonderfully named cinnamon coated snickerdoodle biscuits.  


2. Brazilian brigadeiro chocolate bonbons

Image via Kavey Eats

Snickerdoodles might originate in the USA, but these brigadeiro chocolate bonbons originate a little further south: Brazil. Wonderfully decorated with bronzed sugar, or sprinkles, or hundreds and thousands, they’re little mouthfuls of easy-to-make chocolate deliciousness.


3. Vegan mincemeat

Image via A Virtual Vegan

Mince pies are a Christmas treat that’s about as British as you can get, and this version of mincemeat is vegan, so suitable for all. One of the secrets of Christmas is making sure the mince pies don’t run out at the same time as the brandy butter—giving an excuse to keep making and enjoying these spiced treats well into January.

Get the recipe for vegan mincemeat


4. Christmas pudding toffee sauce

Image via The Veg Space

Plum pudding is another traditional treat, but rather than give a whole pudding, how about Christmas pudding toffee sauce? Perfect to serve with ice cream, or how about as a dip for some cinnamon-sugared churros?


5. Polish Christmas cookies

Image via Recipes From A Pantry

From British to Polish: Pierniczki świąteczne—polish Christmas cookies.These spiced biscuits can be made with either rye or wheat flour, or a blend of the two, and are spiced with ginger, cinnamon and mixed spice; I’m sure that baking them would fill the house with delicious Christmas aromas.

Get the recipe for Polish Christmas cookies


6. Two-ingredient almond cookies

Image via Green Healthy Cooking

These biscuits, on the other hand, are about as simple as a biscuit can get. They’re made with only two ingredients: ground almonds and maple syrup. If you want to add to this, dip them in melted chocolate. Simple and moreish.

Get the recipe for two-ingredient almond cookies


7. Hot chocolate mix

Image via Happy and Harried

A delightful package containing all you want or need to make a warming mug of hot chocolate. I love the mason jar packaging, and the rustic brown card label. After making the chocolate, fill the mason jar with January’s marmalade!

Get the recipe for hot chocolate mix


8. Dark chocolate-covered clementine and grapefruit peel

Image via This Healthy Table

Chocolate-covered citrus peel always feels like a very sophisticated indulgence. And by making your own, you’re giving a gift with the ultimate personal touch. No difficult chocolate tempering required here: simply melt and dip in the sugar stewed rinds.


9. Lemon thyme mini Christmas cakes

Image via Happy and Harried

Something a bit different from the standard fruit Christmas cake. A lighter offering, flavoured with lemon and fresh thyme for a herby, zesty result.


10. Gingerbread cookie truffles

Image via Easy Cooking with Molly

Here’s a great way to use up spare gingerbread or gingersnap cookies. Spare gingerbread, you ask? Well, yes, such a thing is possible if you’ve built a ginger palace! Turn some of them into these delicious chocolate truffles.

Get the recipe for gingerbread cookie truffles


11. Mince pie truffles

Image via Kitchen Sanctuary

We’re finishing with another recipe for homemade truffles: flavoured with mince pies this time. What could be more seasonal? I love the edible glitter and gold sprinkles for a truly magical result. In fact, it’s a shame to hand them over as a present—I might have to make double quantities, and keep some for myself!

Get the recipe for mince pie truffles


Helen Best-Shaw, is a freelance food & travel writer, recipe developer & photographer. She has been blogging at Fuss Free Flavours for over 10 years.

Follow her on Twitter, Instagram , Facebook & Google+.

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