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10 spring lamb recipes you must try

BY Karen Booth

14th Mar 2018 Recipes

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10 spring lamb recipes you must try
Late February to the middle of April means Spring Lamb in the UK. Whether it’s a special Easter lunch or a Sunday roast with the family, these recipes will inspire any lamb-based meal

1. Persian Lamb

An exotic slow roasted lamb recipe, in the style of Persian and North African food, served with aromatic saffron rice. Perfect for Sunday lunch or any special celebratory meal. The leftovers can be made into more exciting meals, such as curry, tagine and spicy shepherd's pie.

2. Charcoal-Cooked Lamb Rack with Savoury Potatoes

A delicious lamb dish made with red wine jus, which makes a nice change from gravy. The potato bake topping with the tomatoes brings a summer flavour to a traditional roast meat dish and it would be good to serve at a barbeque, as well as for a celebratory family meal.

3. One-Pot Oven Baked Lamb and Leek Risotto

This dish is a great go-to, mid-week meal or just a lazy weekend family lunch that is so ridiculously easy to make that there are no excuses…it can be made with sausages, but why not try something a little different and add a little Welsh twist to it and make it with Welsh spring lamb?

4. Slow Cooker Shoulder of Welsh Lamb with Apricot & Chestnut Stuffing

Slow Cooker Roast Shoulder of Lamb with Apricot & Chestnut Stuffing is totally delicious and is cooked on a bed of thickly sliced onions that make a great accompaniment. Makes for a very elegant Easter Sunday lunch too!

5. Traditional Lamb Cawl

Cawl is often seen as the national dish of Wales. My recipe is based on a traditional Welsh recipe for Cawl, but uses lamb steaks instead of a lamb joint, as was commonly done in times gone by. A bowl of cawl is usually accompanied by crusty bread and Caerphilly cheese, and makes a wonderfully comforting family supper dish.

6. Easter Roast NZ Lamb

NZ Lamb Roast 3.JPG
There's nothing quite like a Sunday roast to bring family together, and Easter Sunday is a special day of celebration, so why not cook a feast for your friends and family? Here, two half legs of New Zealand Lamb are roasted with vegetables, making it a one-pot feast for all!

7. Navarin of Lamb

Navarin of lamb.jpg
Navarin of lamb is a rustic French recipe and although it’s a stew it’s light in flavour, packed full of fresh spring veg and given a further lift by the last minute addition of a fistful of herbs. It’s a one-pot dish too, saving on the washing up, which is always a bonus. It’s not a classic for nothing: this one is a keeper.

8. Kousa mahshi (Lebanese stuffed courgettes)

This delicious dairy and gluten-free dish of mince and rice-stuffed courgettes/zucchini simmered in a tomato sauce is served throughout the Middle-East, and would make a wonderful alternative to a roast leg of lamb for Sunday lunch.

9. Barbecue Flavour Pulled Lamb Shank

A delicious sous-vide cooked pulled lamb, that is served in a toasted bagel for a fabulous Easter weekend brunch; the meat just falls off the bone and is sweet and juicy.

10. French Herb & Garlic Lamb

A fabulous French inspired recipe for slow roast lamb with a Dijon mustard crust, fresh herbs and garlic; this recipe makes its own red wine gravy that is infused with the herbs and garlic and is perfect for any special celebratory meal such as Easter or Mothering Sunday, as well as for a wonderful family Sunday lunch.

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