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10 Mouth-watering veggie burger recipes

10 Mouth-watering veggie burger recipes

These burgers aren’t the nasty things found in fast food shops. All ten homemade veggie burgers in this list are packed with flavour and healthy ingredients.

Homemade vegetarian burgers are quick, easy to make and really tasty. 

All you need is a blender (for bean burgers, a potato masher will do), a few key ingredients, something to bind them (mashed potato, beans or egg are particularly good binders), lots of spice and you’re ready to go. 

Blend the ingredients, shape into patties and fry in a little olive oil until the outside is crisp. Then serve in buns with your favourite salad and burger dressings.

Here are 10 of my favourite homemade veggie burger recipes to get you started:


Cajun spiced black bean and sweet potato burgers

Cajun spice black bean and sweet potato veggie burger

These are a family favourite and really simple to make—you don’t even need a blender. First the sweet potatoes are baked. Then they're mashed with spinach, black beans and spices. After this, the burgers only take minutes to make.


Curried aubergine, lentil and quinoa burgers

Curried aubergine, lentil and quinoa veggie burgers

Bake an aubergine and whiz it up with cooked lentils and curry spices to make these mildly spiced burgers. They may fall apart if you start off cooking them on a barbecue, so bake them first to make sure they hold their shape.


Homemade bean burgers

Homemade veggie bean burgers

I made these especially for my Reader’s Digest readers. They are made with kidney beans, black beans and spices including paprika, chilli and cumin. This is another homemade burger that can be smooshed together in a bowl with a potato masher, then shaped into patties.

There’s no dairy or eggs in this recipe, so they’re great if you’re watching your weight too.


Savoury lentil mushroom burgers

Savoury lentil mushroom veggie burgers

You can serve these lentil burgers with chipotle mayonnaise, which you can make by simply freezing chipotle sauce in ice cube trays. When making your burgers, pop out a portion, defrost it and mix with mayonnaise to make a spicy sauce that goes beautifully with these lentil burgers.


Mini mushroom and lentil sliders

Mini mushroom and lentil sliders

'Sliders' is an American name for any filling in a small bun but usually refer to burgers. These mini burgers make a tasty light lunch, but they are also great for parties. This recipe is also egg and dairy free.


Provencal lentil and quinoa burgers

Provencal lentil and quinoa veggie burgers

In this recipe, these easy and healthy burgers are served in lettuce leaves topped with more salad. You could also serve them on a bun, in a wrap or in pitta bread.


Sweet potato, chickpea, coriander and lime burgers

Sweet potato chickpea coriander and lime veggie burger
Image via Channel 4

Vegetarians often rely on Quorn products for quick meals, but when you have the time, burgers like these—which are coated in polenta and shallow-fried for a crispy finish—are a great alternative.


Spicy green lentil burgers

Spicy green lentil veggie burgers

Lentils again. Yes, lentils are great in burgers. This time the lentils are green. Cook up some green lentils and mixed them with onions, carrots, seeds, oats and spices to make a satisfying burger that freezes well.


Really hungry burger

Really hungry filling veggie burger

This rather fabulous recipe can be found in A Modern Way to Eat by Anna Jones. The main ingredients are mushrooms, rice, dates and white beans. It’s a hearty burger that will satisfy even the biggest appetite.


Juicy teriyaki mushroom burgers

Juicy teriyaki mushroom veggie burger

And finally a burger that isn’t a burger. Sometimes a burger can just be a really juicy portabello mushroom stacked up with some other really delicious ingredients. These mushroom burgers are served on buns with homemade wasabi mayonnaise.


Jacqueline Meldrum is a freelance food writer and recipe developer. Jacqueline blogs at Tinned Tomatoes.

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