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10 Indulgent no churn ice cream recipes

BY Helen Best-Shaw

1st Jan 2015 Recipes

10 Indulgent no churn ice cream recipes

Summer has arrived, but even if the weather isn’t always co-operating there’s nothing like a bowl of ice cream to spread happiness, and a fresh home-made ice cream is always so much more flavourful than a pot from the shop. 

After Eight ice cream shots

After eights
Image via Fuss Free Flavours

After Eight after dinner mints are more commonly thought of as a Christmas treat, but here, they’re used as the basis for a cool and refreshing minty ice cream. Perfect for a summer dessert.



Quick and easy yuzu ice cream

Image via Kavey Eats

Yuzu is an Asian citrus that is particularly popular in Korea and makes a preserve that is used to flavour yuzacha, or yuzu tea.

Tasting similar to mandarin, grapefruit and lime, it’s tart, but with a floral note; a perfect flavour for this perky ice cream.



Instant skinny hazelnut latte ice cream

Image via Taming Twins

The other route to quick and easy ice cream is to use frozen fruit: bananas work well in this coffee and hazelnut spread ice cream.

The crunchy topping of toasted hazelnuts gives a wonderful contrast of textures as you eat.



Tofu and banana ice cream with peanut butter chocolate sauce

banana ice cram
Image via Chopstick Chronicles

Here’s another banana based ice cream, but this time it’s frozen after blending. And for added helping of protein, it includes firm tofu.

Happily, or sadly, depending on your point of view, there is some wickedness in the condensed milk. Just enjoy in moderation!


Strawberry ice cream

Image via Ilona's Passion

The big three of ice cream flavours: strawberry, chocolate or vanilla, are on the flavour podium for a reason: they simply taste great. So we couldn’t get away without a strawberry ice cream.

This example adds to the flavour profile by roasting the strawberries in balsamic vinegar first. 



Indian butterscotch ice cream

indian butterscotch

This recipe uses homemade butterscotch, which is blitzed and then blended into the half frozen ice cream.



Vegan cinnamon ice cream with maple roasted radishes

roasted radishes

After a couple of more normal flavours, we now have something a bit different. Radishes are roasted in maple syrup, making them sweet and mild but still with a hint of heat.

The ice cream is vegan, relying on the frozen banana method.



Easy no-churn muscovado caramel ice cream

A caramel with a difference here, as it’s made using richly flavoured muscovado sugar. To balance the resulting ice cream, it’s made using evaporated milk, rather than condensed milk that is common to many no-churn ice cream recipes.

Keep a little caramel back to drizzle over when serving for an extra little helping of indulgence.


Matcha ice cream

matcha ice cream
Image via Melanie Cooks

If you have never tried matcha ice cream, you’re missing out. A great favourite in Japan, it has rightly spread around the world.

Matcha green tea powder is readily available now, and this recipe requires no special matcha whisk. Simply pour 1½ tablespoons of boiling water over the powder to release the flavours.



Vanilla and cardamom no-churn ice cream

vanilla and cardamom
Image via Let's Taco Bout It

You can never go wrong with good vanilla ice cream. But this isn’t a plain vanilla, it’s vanilla and cardamom for an added spicy edge.

Why not pour over a shot of espresso to serve it as affogato? Especially interesting as the combination of coffee and cardamom works so well.


Helen Best-Shaw is a freelance food and travel writer, recipe developer and photographer. She has been blogging at Fuss Free Flavours for over 9 years.

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