10 Comforting pie and tart recipes

Karen Burns-Booth 

There’s something very satisfying about biting into a pastry-clad case to see what exciting filling is waiting for you to enjoy. These delicious pie and tart recipes, both sweet and savoury are perfect for picnics, lunch boxes, and simple family suppers.

Shaker lemon pie

shaker lemon pie recipe
Image via Lavender and Lovage

My first pie is an American Shaker classic; its sharp but creamy lemony filling is the perfect foil for the rich, buttery pastry when served with a dollop of thick cream.

Shakers are known for their simple and frugal lifestyle, hence this pie uses ALL of the lemons, and nothing is wasted.

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Hand raised pork pies

hand raised pork pies
Image via Patisserie Makes Perfect

Pork pies are a British culinary institution, but you don’t have to buy them readymade as they can be prepared at home too.

This recipe for hand raised pork pies looks fabulous, and is packed with tasty cuts of meat, whilst being liberally seasoned with fresh herbs and spices.

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Old fashioned lattice apple pie

lattice apple pie
Image via Great British Chefs

When compiling a list of pies, and tarts, it is essential that that everyone's favourite is mentioned: the humble apple pie.

This old-fashioned lattice pie is made with British Bramley apples. As the filling is not quite under cover, the lattice work on top gives you a sneak preview of what delicious filling you are about to enjoy!

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Summer vegetable and pesto rose tart

summer vegetable and pesto rose tart recipe
Image via BBC Good Food

How lovely does this amazing vegetable tart look?

I love the way that the vegetables have been curled around into “roses” and the ingredients of assorted cheeses, sweet potatoes, courgettes and aubergines sound utterly divine.

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Cheat’s raspberry tart

cheat's raspberry tart
Image via Maison Cupcake

This tart is easy to make, hence its title, and uses a ready-made pastry case which is filled with a white chocolate and quark mixture before being topped with fresh seasonal raspberries—bliss!

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Easy cheese and onion pie

cheese and onion
Image via Daisies and Pie

And now for a plait. Plaits are pies that are made in a long “sausage roll” shape and the top is then plaited with the pastry.

This plait recipe looks and sounds delectable and is easy to make, with cheese and onions taking centre stage.

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Damson and apple plate pie

damson and apple plate pie
Image via British Larder

This is a classic recipe for what I call a “fruit plate pie”; my mum and my grandmother used to make these, and they were always a hit on the Sunday tea table when served with custard!

The British Larder has devised an autumnal version here, with rosy red damsons and apples, which is a fabulous combination of seasonal fruit.

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Sausage, sun-dried tomato and potato tart

sausage sun dried tomato and potato pie
Image via A Merrier World

This magnificent tart hails from the book PIE by Dean Brettschneider, and it looks absolutely amazing with its juicy sausages and vegetables all piled into the pastry pie shell.

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Rosemary and lemon treacle tart

rosemary and treacle tart recipe

Here’s a twist to the classic treacle tart—rosemary is added to the homemade shortcrust pastry, whilst extra lemon zest and juice is added into the syrupy topping!

This tart is best served warm with double or clotted cream.

Get the recipe for this rosemary and lemon treacle tart



Steak and ale pie

steak and ale pie
Image via Foodness Gracious

I have to end my list of pies with another classic.

The steak and ale pie is often imitated, but the real thing has to be covered in flaky puff pastry with tender chunks of steak underneath.

The steak should be simmered in good dark ale or stout, and this recipe epitomises this meaty “under cover” triumph perfectly.

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