10 Campfire cooking ideas

Karen Burns-Booth 

Step up your campsite cuisine with these easy yet delicious dishes.

1. Layered picnic salads in a jar

Image via Lavender and Lovage

Camping isn’t all about cooking, and these handy salads in a jar are a case in point. You can make them up at home before travelling—or in your caravan, tent or camping van—and the jars can be used again for other camping recipes!

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2. Scallops cooked on the fire

Image via Beach Hut Cook

Here’s a fab idea for all of you lucky enough to be camping near the sea and on the beach! Local seafood cooked over fire, with the added kick of chillies and garlic, as well as a slug of wine! Serve with crusty bread for mopping.

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3. Festive dirty steak salad

Image via Hedge Combers

This is a fabulous campfire meal! At its core is a juicy, dirty steak cooked directly in the embers of the fire, accompanied by some delicious festive sides. No pan, no griddle—just raw meat on hot ashy coals.

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4. Middle Eastern spiced campfire chickpeas

Image via Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary

Yes you CAN cook veggie meals over coals, as this recipe for Middle Eastern spiced campfire chickpeas demonstrates. We all love a bit of chargrilled meat, but sometimes something different, something a little bit more adventurous or something vegetarian is required too. Eh voila!

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5. Barbecued peaches with honey and lavender

Image via Lavender and Lovage

Campfire cooking doesn’t have to be all savoury.  These peaches are cooked in foil packets over coals or wood. This is a very easy recipe with NO mess, no pots or pans—just a simple parcel loaded with peachy goodness

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6. Simple flatbread

Image via Hedge Combers

To accompany all these amazing steaks, veggies, scallops, bangers and other food cooked over coals, you need a bit of bread. This simple recipe for flatbreads is cooked in a skillet over an open fire, but can also be cooked at home over the barbeque or on the stovetop.

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7. Churrascaria lamb skewers

Image via Great British Chefs

Brazilian meat recipes are often cooked over coals or an open fire, and these Churrascaria lamb skewers are perfect for any camping holiday. You can prepare the sauce before you go and just marinate the lamb in a Ziploc bag for ease of transporting (with no washing up)!

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8. Sausages with puy lentils and kale

Image via Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary

Bangers are absolutely one of the best and most-loved things to cook over a campfire, and this recipe is a one-pan meal with pulses and veggies too! This hearty and filling meal for four is cooked over an open fire, with the taste of wood smoke adding to the flavour.

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9. Rosehip and apple toddy

Image via Beach Hut Cook

A warming drink that is cooked over a wood fire and is perfect for chilly nights when under canvas. Warm your hands and your hearts with this delicious hot toddy, and although this was cooked over fire, you can easily make it on the hob or a portable gas camping stove too.

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10. S ’mores & toasted marshmallows

Image via Cheaper Than Dirt

You can’t go camping without having S’mores or toasted marshmallows over the campfire! This sweet, messy and delicious dessert is generally reserved for special nights around the campfire, but is simply toasted marshmallows cooked until gooey and then sandwiched between chocolate biscuits!

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