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What food to pack for your picnic

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What food to pack for your picnic
Everyone loves a good picnic whether it's on the beach, in the park or simply in your garden, check out this list for the best food to bring
Summer is the perfect time to pack up a picnic, and if the weather is unseasonably wet, then why not have a picnic indoors at the kitchen table which is also fun! I’ve picked ten fabulous, savoury recipes here that should see you through the summer.

1. South African Picnic Bread

A very cheesy quick bread that also has spring onions, bacon and chilli sauce in it; this recipe makes one large loaf and it's so moist and full of flavour. It is an old South African recipe that was favoured by fishermen for their packed lunch, as well as school children, and of course it makes perfect picnic fare.

2. Croquiches

Whether eaten hot or cold the bread forms a wonderful crunchy crust around the outside, while the base is just like a Croque Monsieur and the centre is a quiche. Best of all, these appeal to young and old and you can eat them on the go should you want to venture off from your picnic base!

3. Baked Egg Rolls with Asparagus

Try this recipe for a beautifully plated brunch or starter. Looks great—tastes even better. Stunning to look at, easy to prepare and perfect for seasonal picnics too.

4. Posh Sausage Roll

You can whip up a tray of these posh sausage rolls in under an hour. Great for autumn tea times, autumn picnics or if you’re throwing a party and just adding to the spread of food. What makes them posh? Well, the sausages sit on a layer of caramelised onion chutney and cubes of mature cheddar cheese.

5. Italian Veggie Salad

This tasty classic Italian veggie pasta salad is made with the easiest homemade Italian dressing ever! The salad can be made the night before, making it perfect for summer BBQs. Everyone always begs for the recipe!

6. Camembert and Apple Scones with Honey Butter

Delectable Camembert cheese and apple scones which can be on the table in less than half an hour and are perfect when served with honey butter. Why not also serve these scones as part of an afternoon tea or for a picnic, or even as part of a “Ploughman’s Lunch”.

7. Roast Chicken Crustless Mini Quiches

Use leftover roast chicken and broccoli in these quiches, which are really simple to make and taste great hot or cold—they’re ideal to put in a lunchbox or take on a picnic too.

8. Cucumber Roll-Ups with a Garlicky Feta & Mint Filling

These cucumber roll-ups with garlicky feta & mint filling make for a delicious refreshing summer starter, light lunch or barbecue accompaniment. They’re really easy to make and are also perfect for picnics.

9. Gluten-Free Mini Picnic Pies

GR Pies.jpg
There’s something about the idea of picnics which is very romantic. The freedom to grab a basket of food and a bottle of wine, head out on the road, stop wherever takes your fancy and drop a warm rug on the long grass to lounge and eat in the sunshine is just perfect, plus, don’t forget the pies!

10. Pan Bagnat

Pan Bagnat.jpg
This wonderfully sumptuous French picnic sandwich can be made WELL in advance—in fact, the night before is best. Slice the sandwich before you go on your picnic if you wish or just take a wooden board and knife for slicing on location. This makes a stunning centre piece summer luncheon dish—all you need is sunshine, wine and good company.
Karen Burns-Booth is a freelance recipe developer, food and travel writer and is a member if the Guild of Food Writers. She writes for her own blog Lavender and Lovage.
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