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Vegan Amsterdam: 5 Enticing vegan eateries in Amsterdam

Vegan Amsterdam: 5 Enticing vegan eateries in Amsterdam

Vegans are spoilt for choice in Amsterdam—one of the best cities for a plant-based diet in the world—but these five vegan restaurants easily beat the rest

According to the Happy Cow website, which lists vegan eateries in more than 180 countries, Amsterdam is one of the top ten most vegan-friendly cities in the world. In the last three years alone, the Dutch capital experienced a phenomenal 78 per cent growth in vegan businesses.

From artisanal bakeries to fine dining restaurants that will please even the most discerning of palates, today those who have eliminated animal products from their diet can indulge at more than 100 delicious addresses across the city.

Here are five you’ll definitely want to check out the next time you’re in town.

Margo’s Amsterdam

Close up of Margo's vegan croissant in AmsterdamMargo's Amsterdam bakes deliciously buttery croissants (minus the dairy)

It isn’t just the French who know how to bake a mean croissant or pain au chocolat—perfectly flaky and full of melt-in-the-mouth buttery goodness.

At this friendly bakery and sandwich shop, located on the corner of Eerste Tuindwarsstraat in the Jordaan (Amsterdam’s most celebrated and folkloric neighbourhood), plant-based pastry queen Margo Abdine whips up swoon-worthy viennoiserie that will make your taste buds sing “ooh la la!”

"Plant-based pastry queen Margo Abdine whips up swoon-worthy viennoiserie that will make your taste buds sing 'ooh la la!'"

If that’s not enough to lure you in, she also makes a variety of other baked delights (including the highly popular tahini buns), hearty sandwiches, crisp toasties and warming drinks—all made with quality organic/sustainable ingredients and served up with a genuine smile.

Willicroft Store

Vegan cheese board at Willicroft Store in AmsterdamWillicroft Store lifts vegan cheese to new heights with their artisan vegan cheese board

Think there’s no such thing as addictively delicious plant-based cheese? With their incredible selection of artisan cheeses, Willicroft Store is more than ready to prove the opposite.

You’ll find everything from unctuous bloomy rinds to robust blues that will feel right at home on a gourmet cheese board, as well as creamy and soft varieties perfect for salads or pasta dishes (their home brand makes one of the meltiest Gouda-style grated cheeses out there, the Willicroft Young Dutch).

Looking for the ultimate pairing? Not only do they carry crackers and dips to make your vegan cheese experience complete, but downstairs you’ll find a cosy cellar with a good selection of natural wines.

Cheese and wine tasting evenings are regularly hosted at the cellar, so check out their Instagram page for more information.

Willicroft Store is tucked into the beautiful Spiegel Quarter, home to the renowned Rijksmuseum and a plethora of art and antique shops.


Gourmet vegan dinner at vegan restaurant in Amsterdam BonBoonBonBoon presents plant-based food the gourmet way at its delectable vegan restaurant

Situated on KNSM Island and hailed as one of the best vegan restaurants in the city, BonBoon invites diners to sample a symphony of flavours, colours and textures in a flawlessly orchestrated seasonal set menu (three, four or five courses) that highlights the best of the plant kingdom.

BonBoon opened in 2018 and is the brainchild of Daphne Althoff, who was determined to make clear that eating well doesn’t have to mean exploiting animals.

Each artfully prepared dish allows the ingredients to shine through and is a testimony to the breadth and creativity of vegan gastronomy.

If you’re up for an evening of fine wining and dining, book a table at this intimate restaurant overlooking the IJ River and offering fine views of the East Amsterdam skyline.

Vegan Junk Food Bar

Vegan butterballen and burgers at Vegan Junk Food Bar in AmsterdamVegan Junk Food Bar serves a plant-based riff on Amsterdam's traditional bitterbal

No trip to Amsterdam would be complete without sinking your teeth into a wickedly moreish bitterbal, one of the most popular Dutch pub snacks, usually dipped in mustard and washed down with a cold beer.

These crispy-crusted meatballs are traditionally filled with a thick and creamy beef ragout, but there's no need to worry if you’re vegan.

At Vegan Junk Food Bar (or VJFB for short), they offer you three takes on this iconic nibble, aptly dubbed the “Betterball”: a classic variation based on the original recipe, a mac ’n’ cheese “Betterball” and one with a Thai “chik’n” saté ragout filling.

"No trip to Amsterdam would be complete without sinking your teeth into a wickedly moreish bitterbal"

Juicy burgers enticingly stacked high between pink or black buns, loaded fries jazzed up with flower petals and stick-to-the ribs caesar salads (including one with “zalmon” that tastes very much like the real thing) are also part of their repertoire.

Did we mention ribs? They have those too, glazed and unbelievably succulent.

There are three locations in the city, each one flamboyantly decked out in decors just as vibrant and fun as the food itself.

Mr Stacks

Mr Stack's vegan pancakes covered in fruit and vegan cream in AmsterdamMr Stacks serves a delicious vegan breakfast at its vegan pancake house

There are pancakes, and then there are Mr Stacks pancakes. Expect the unexpected at this hip and happening pancake paradise, where you can feast on clever creations that aren’t just meant for breakfast.

Borrowing inspiration from popular street foods, Mr Stacks dishes up pancakes that are dressed up like pizza, tacos and gyros as well as sweet variations that look almost too good to eat.

"Mr Stacks dishes up pancakes that are dressed up like pizza, tacos and gyros"

Love a fragrant cinnamon bun? The “Cinnamon Rollercoaster Stack” served with vanilla cream cheese, cinnamon icing, crisp pecans and fresh fruit more than hits the spot.

They even do a sumptuous English breakfast, with bacon, sausage and scrambled eggs, all vegan, of course.

Located in the trendy and cosmopolitan de Pijp district, where you can find an exceptional variety of international eateries and the buzzing Albert Cuyp market, Mr Stacks makes pancakes that won’t only tempt the vegans among us.

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This post contains affiliate links, so we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site at no additional cost to you.

This post contains affiliate links, so we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site at no additional cost to you. Read our disclaimer

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