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10 wonderful ways with pasta

BY Helen Best-Shaw

1st Jan 2015 Recipes

10 wonderful ways with pasta

Here are 10 wonderful recipes for all manner of shapes of, and cooking methods for pasta.

Popular history has it that Marco Polo first brought pasta to Italy from the Far East in the 13th century. There is after all, little real difference between Asian noodles and our Western Pasta.

Pasta is made from hard durum wheat flour, which is mixed with either water or eggs and kneaded until it is silky smooth. It is either then rolled and cut, or extruded through a mould to make a variety of shapes.

Traditionally, the best pasta is made from a bronze mould, which gives a dull but textured surface—all the better for holding the sauce! There are at least 350 different types of pasta, of varying quality from store brought to premium like those from Sitalia Deli, each with a different character, and suited to different types of dishes. Here are 10 of our favourites. 


Creamy chorizo one-pot magic pasta

Creamy chorizo one pot magic pasta
Image via Fuss Free Flavours

This is a true one-pot pasta—carefully measure the ingredients, fling it all in, let it cook and make a sauce. Made with spaghetti.


Pumpkin macaroni cheese

pumpkin macaroni cheese
Image via The Petite Cook

This macaroni cheese is given a twist by making with dischi volante pasta, and adding roasted pumpkin.


Linguini with red wine, bean bolognese

linguini with red wine bean bolognese
Image via The Veg Space 

A delicious meat-free dish of linguini served with a rich Bolognese made from pinto beans, red wine and olives.

The perfect dish for a cold evening.


Chilli mussels with pennoni pasta

chilli mussels pasta
Image via Maison Cupcake

These mussels, served in a garlic chilli tomato sauce, will transport you back to your last Mediterranean holiday.

Served with pennoni, or giant penne.


Bolognese with rigatoni

Image via Enjoy Tribute

An authentic Bolognese is a slowly cooked meat sauce, without herbs and light on the tomatoes.

This version is served with rigatoni—the ridges pick up the sauce, and the sauce makes its way into the tubes.


Handmade Russian pelmeni

handmade Russian pelmeni
Image via Enjoy Tribute

Fresh pasta is a joy to eat and a fun weekend project to make your own. 

These Russian dumplings are filled with a mix of beef and pork and served in a hot broth.


Fettuccine with capers and pinenuts

Image via Cotter Crunch

Long thin ribbons of pasta such as fettuccine are perfect for serving with a cream sauce.

This recipe uses Greek yoghurt in place of cream, as well as gluten free pasta.


Pesto orzo squash bowls

pesto orzo squash bowl

Small pasta such as orzo, which resembles giant grains of rice, is ideal for using where you would use rice.

Here mini squashes are stuffed with orzo and baked.


Homemade orecchiette

homemade orecchiette
Image via Vindulge

Orecchiette, which literally means little ear, comes from Apulia in the South of Italy and is ideal paired with a fresh tomato sauce.

To make it you roll out a rope of fresh pasta and shape with a knife and your thumb.


Heart-shaped ravioli with a chocolate mascarpone filling

heart shaped ravioli
Image via The Things We'll Make

Ravioli are little parcels of pasta stuffed with a, usually, savoury filling. 

In this romantic version, homemade fresh pasta with added cocoa powder is filled with a chocolate cheese for a dessert with a twist.


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