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8 Great cutlery sets for your kitchen


17th Apr 2024 Food & Drink

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8 Great cutlery sets for your kitchen
Utensil sets are a great way to top up your kitchen cutlery across the board
You’re probably familiar with curated knife sets for knives of different uses, but general utensil sets can be a good method of updating your cutlery.
If you find yourself running low on knives or forks, rather than buying a set of just one type of cutlery, it may help to buy a set of shiny new utensils across the board, with the added bonus of the cutlery all coming in matching sets.

WUJO 32-piece cutlery set

WUJO cutlery
This cutlery set comes in a range of different sizes, from 16 pieces, up to 60 pieces. The set is made from mirror-polished stainless steel, with no rough edges, including knives, forks, spoons and teaspoons.

Bestdin 32-piece cutlery set

Bestdin cutlery
With a polished finish and ornate hammered handle designs, this set is a good choice for everyday cutlery. The cutlery items are made from polished non- stainless steel, with comfortable and ergonomic handles for ease of use.

Wildone 32-piece cutlery set

Wildone cutlery
This stainless-steel cutlery set comes in a 32-piece pack, with eight sets of forks, dinner spoons, dessert spoons and dinner knives. It’s great for regular usage and as heavy-duty cutlery, it has extra thickness which won’t bend or warp after use.
The cutlery also has smooth edges with a reasonable weight for comfortable use.

Bettlife 16-piece cutlery set

Bettlife cutlery set
Coming in a variety of colours from matt black, to gold and your more standard silver, this set is a great way to bring some colour to your kitchen drawer.
The 16-piece set is non-toxic and made from anti-corrosive steel, ensuring it will last a good amount of time. Another feature of the cutlery is smooth edges and corners, with square handles for comfortable handling.
The cutlery is also dishwasher safe.

Amazon Basics 20-piece cutlery set

Amazon Basics cutlery
Keeping things straightforward is this Amazon Basics 20-piece cutlery set of forks, knives and spoons.
The cutlery has a traditional style, with rounded edge handles and a metallic finish.

BEWOS 32-piece cutlery set

BEWOS cutlery
This BEWOS cutlery set is made with quality, food-grade and non-toxic stainless steel that’s also corrosion-resistant.
The cutlery evokes a simple, classic look, with a mirror polished and glossy finished. It’s also easy to clean, as well as dishwasher safe.

EXACT 24-piece cutlery set

EXACT cutlery
With custom designs and colours, this mirror-polished cutlery can make a great addition to your kitchen to spice things up.
The set comes with six forks, six dinner knives and 12 spoons, all made from premium quality stainless steel.

Tieplis 16-piece cutlery set

Tieplis cutlery set
Polished and stylish, this cutlery set will compliment any contemporary kitchen. The cutlery features a hammered pattern, providing comfortable non-slip grip and a nice aesthetic quality to them as well.
This cutlery has sufficient weight and thickness for great balance and easy use in your hands.