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8 Best knife sets for the home

BY Joshua Joda

13th Mar 2024 Food & Drink

5 min read

8 Best knife sets for the home
Knife sets are a great way of combining essential knives for food preparation all in one package 
Part of everyday use for lunch and dinner, knives are a kitchen tool that may be easily overlooked when it comes to cutlery. However, if you enjoy a bit of cooking, making delicious stir fry for instance, then you already know the importance of a good quality set of kitchen knives.
Whether for cutting meat, vegetables or bread, a sturdy and suitable knife is crucial in food preparation. If you’re in the market for brand new knives for the home, here’s a list of reliable and quality knife sets for you to add to your kitchen.

nuovva knife set with block

nuovva knife set
Coming in black and copper or rainbow finish, this knife set keeps things straightforward with high-quality stainless steel and convex blade edges. The knives are easy to use, simple to sharpen and made to be wear resistant for long-term use.

MasterChef knife set with block

MasterChef knife set
With a few different colour options to choose from, this knife set features soft-touch easy grip handles, as well as a handy knife block to store the knives in. The knives are a product from the MasterChef TV series and are made to a high standard.
They’re hand sharpened as well as non-stick—a great choice for sleek and modern looking knives that will help you with all your cooking prep needs.

Branik knife set

Branik knives
With an option of a four or six-piece set, these knives are made from German steel and have titanium non-stick coating for long-lasting use. They have a sturdy alloy steel handle that finishes off an ergonomic and lightweight design, making the knives easy to grip and in turn reduce fatigue when in use.

Manelord knife set 

Manelord knife set
This Manelord knife set has a contemporary and sleek design, including a santoku knife, bread knife and kitchen shears, among others. The knives are made from premium carbon stainless steel, are easy to clean and have a combination of convex, serrated and straight edges.
The set is capped off with a contemporary knife block for storing the knives safely and securely.
Note: Avoid using a dishwasher to clean the knives.

Homaz life knife set with block

Homaz life knife set
This all-in-one eight-piece knife set will provide you with all the necessary knives for kitchen use and also comes with a wooden block. The knives are made of professional quality material and are rust-resistant with a matte black coating.
In addition, the knives have bevelled cutting edges which help them to stay sharper for longer.

Joseph Joseph knife set

Joseph Joseph knife set
Coming in a set of six knives of varying size, this Joseph Joseph set also features protective sheaths for the knives as no block is provided. The knives have weighted, ergonomic handles for easy use and are made from Japanese stainless steel.

Sanhui knife set with block

Sanhui knife set
Made for comfortable and straightforward use, the knives in this set are high quality, with strong corrosion resistance and an additional sharpening rod. The utensils have a hollow handle to help with prolonged use and to avoid fatigue.
A wooden/rubber knife block for storage is also supplied.

Richardson Sheffield knife set with block

Richardson Sheffield knife set
The Richardson Sheffield knife features professional five-piece Sabatier knives of varying sizes. The knives are easy to clean after use, comfortable to hold and made to a high standard to ensure long use.
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This post contains affiliate links, so we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site at no additional cost to you.

This post contains affiliate links, so we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site at no additional cost to you. Read our disclaimer

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