The most popular music genres currently in demand?

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1st Jan 2015 Music

The most popular music genres currently in demand?

Music must be the one thing in the world that connects the most people across so many boundaries and unites us in a way like nothing else does.

It truly is a universal language and timeless as well. It’s no wonder there is a huge amount of different musical genres out there. This article will take a look at some of the most popular musical genres and the most unlikely of industries they have infiltrated.

Some slot games are even based around folk music, as you will find in the aptly named 9 pots of gold that features Irish folk music in the background as you hunt for the pots of gold and listen to Irish flutes in this amazing slot game that often ranks high in the top slot game lists. The Irish music will no doubt provide a soothing gaming experience for you as you rake in those pots of gold under the rainbows!

So many famous musicians, rappers, rock bands, and DJs have been at some point featured in online slot games or even have their own slot games entirely dedicated to the theme of the game.

The popularity of band-themed online slots

 You wouldn't normally think of online casino slot games when thinking of popular bands such as Guns N’ Roses, Mötorhead, Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson and even Kiss, just to name a few. Online slots come in many different themes, but it seems that the musical ones are the most popular by far, and players can't resist tapping their feet to their favourite artists whilst playing these exciting games.


The Guns N’ Roses-themed slot game must be one of the most popular in the world, and you would probably find it in any casino in Vegas and online. The fame of this musical-themed slot game no doubt opened the way for so many others, including the famous Mötorhead slot game inspired by the many gambling references in their music, such as their hit song Ace of Spades. Players could sit and play whilst their favourite hit songs would come on as the reels were spinning, making for a great gaming experience.

The idea of combining popular bands' music with slot games is no accident. Music and especially popular music, plays a very important role in making the slot game experience more exciting and satisfying. It has been proven that when the music of the slot game matches that of the theme, players stick around for longer. Some slot games are even based on karaoke themes, though they, fortunately, don't require you to sing along but you most certainly can. There are even DJ-based themes on some online slots with high BPM electro dance music to keep the blood pumping and the excitement going.

The music sets a mood and the players' pace and can even impact their decisions when playing. Music has a massive psychological impact on us, whether we notice it or not.

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