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Writing tips: How to write a movie review


21st Mar 2022 Film & TV

Writing tips: How to write a movie review

Writing movie reviews is a nice way to express your opinion regarding a movie. There are over 11 billion movies you can choose from and the numbers are slowly increasing.


Even though the global pandemic has affected the cinematic industry, it is now recovering and new movie promises were made.

Writing a movie review can be a nice opportunity to polish your writing skills, but also learn how to share your ideas clearly. It is your way of showing your opinion on a movie, but also helping other enthusiasts choose the best movie for their desires. And it can act as an exercise for college, as you will have to write a lot of essays and papers. Writing a movie review is not difficult at all. However, some guidelines will help you write a compelling review. Here’s what you should do.

Watch the movie twice

Of course, it is important to watch the movie so that you can craft your movie review. Many people are just writing reviews to spread rumors about certain movies. Or because they are in for the reward. However, there is a trick. Watching the movie twice will allow you to get a better perspective on different aspects.

The first time you watch the movie, you will surely be immersed in the story and will pay attention to the characters. The second time, you can pay attention to other important details, such as the music, lighting, decor, and many more. And you can write down what you notice, as it will help you craft a nice movie review.

Share your opinion

A movie review is about your opinion of the movie. However, when sharing it, you should keep a thing in mind. Do not disclose the plot, the ending, or give any spoilers to your audience. This might ruin the experience of watching the film and immersing themselves in the story. Even though your movie review might be negative, you need to explain your ideas and opinions.

It is the decision of the reader if they would watch the movie, agree or disagree with you. If this makes you confused about what you should and shouldn’t write, you can check some free 100+ movie review examples. Like this, you will read some reviews written by professionals and you will get an idea of what and how to write. Use any useful site and writing tool you have at hand as this will help you share your opinion on a movie review more accurately. Which will surely help you improve your writing skills, so needed when you will write an essay or paper.

Think about your audience

Some might say that your audience is not important when writing a movie review, but your opinion is the one that matters. The case of students who are getting an education and need to adapt their essays to the audience applies here too.

You need to think about where you will post your review and who will read it. You can write a review for a movie club for example, but a teen magazine or children too. So, it is important to adapt the delivery of information to your target audience.

Talk about acting

As you cannot give any spoilers to your audience, you need to focus on other movie details. The acting is a crucial part of any movie. The plot may be excellent, the effects extraordinary, but if the actors are terrible, the movie will not end as an acclaimed one. So, take a look at the characters and how actors are playing their roles. Get to know their portfolio and past roles they had. For sure some of them will stand out and will have an incredible performance.

Other movie details

Watching the movie twice will help you spot some details you can disclose and talk about in your movie review. For example, you can talk about the special effects, music, lighting, or the structure of the movie. Take a look into how the movie was shot and directed and do not shy away from sharing your opinion on these details too.

Final thoughts

Writing a movie review can seem complicated, but it is easier than it seems. The first trick you need to apply is to watch the movie twice and take notes on everything you notice. Get to know the actors and their backgrounds and do not be afraid to share your opinion. Back it up with arguments and explain it. Do not try to convince the audience of it. Talk about movie details such as special effects or music.

Bio lines: Robert Griffith is a content writer and blogger. He is passionate about movies and has watched about 1000 movies until now. His favorite movie genres are thrillers and comedies.

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