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Visual artist and film director Indigo Suave talks future projects


4th Aug 2021 Film & TV

Visual artist and film director Indigo Suave talks future projects

Viral director and soon-to-be Princeton Film School Graduate Michael Osei-Wusu, also known as Indigo Suave, prepares big plans for a big future

Aged just 22 years old, the self-styled Indigo Suave has already made a massive name for himself in the digital artistry workspace. As an innovative filmmaker and visual artist, this content creator of the future has amassed an impressive following on Instagram, gone viral with one of his first-ever videos, and helped music artists create stunning official videos for their work.

With a wealth of experience in camera word, blocking, and positioning already behind him, and with a keen interest in CGI movies his newfound love, Indigo Suave has already started his own company and been a pro soccer player. At not even 25 yet, Indigo has lived a life most of us can only dream of.

We wanted to know more about the visual artist ready to take the world by storm when he graduates in 2022. Here’s all we know about this up-and-coming director so far, because we believe he will be making movies in Hollywood in the years to come.


Although still not finished college yet, Indigo Suave’s production company has already been up and running for a year now. It has produced three short films so far, two of which worked in collaboration with the musical artist Aluye. Its most recent project is the viral video Doge- 1, which was released less than two months before the time of writing, and which had already racked up 1.4 million views.

Doge- 1 gained so much success that it has catapulted A SUAVE PRODUCTIONS into the limelight of other producers, many of which are interested in working on future CGI and Visual Poetry productions with the Indigo Suave team. Indigo himself has been vocal about his desire to work on CGI and 3D artistry projects in the future. With the two combined skill sets, we can expect to see several animated productions emerge from these collaborations in the future.

Rather surprisingly, Indigo Suave has achieved all of this without even ever going to college to expressly study film. It was his skills as a soccer player that first got him noticed in college, and that would eventually land him a place at Princeton. What they didn’t know was that Indigo Suave had been acting out film scripts in his bedroom since he was a child – and that only a glance at the prospectus was needed for this visual artist to make up his mind on what he wanted to study.

Following him to Fame

If you are familiar with Doge- 1 or just have a love of film, we suggest you head to Instagram and add yourself as a follower. You can keep up to date with Indigo Suave’s projects via their YouTube channel, too, where you can view A SUAVE PRODUCTIONS’ latest projects. Indigo can be found on Facebook, or you can read one of his many interviews online.

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