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The Limehouse Golem: An interview with Bill Nighy


27th Aug 2017 Film & TV

The Limehouse Golem: An interview with Bill Nighy

We talk to the star of The Limehouse Golem, Bill Nighy, about the peculiarities of filming a period piece, top hats, and why he has no classical work on his CV. 

Interview with Bill Nighy—star of The Limehouse Golem 

The Limehouse Golem is the new Victorian horror film starring Bill Nighy, Olivia Cooke and Douglas Booth. It's London, 1880, and a bloodthirsty killer is terrorising the gritty Limehouse district. When the relatively inexperienced detective Kildare is assigned to investigate the murders, he knows he is being set up. Yet as the inquest continues, he grows more and more emotionally involved in the case as it gets increasingly confusing and dangerous. 


Bill Nighy stars as Detective Kildare—a serious and dramatic Sherlock Holmes-like role, and a departure from his iconic comedy films. Olivia Cooke delivers a captivating and lively performance as young Lizzie—a woman accused of poisoning her husband; while Douglas Booth is the camp and beguiling music hall star, Dan Leno.

Though not a horror per se (if you don't take a dismembered body or two into account), but more of a juicy gothic thriller, The Limehouse Golem will please anyone with a penchant for Victorian London, the romance of stuffy old music halls and a touch of kink.


We caught up with Bill Nighy about what it's like to star in a period piece, his dislike of facial hair and top hats, and why he has no classical work on his CV. 

The Limehouse Golem opens in cinemas across the UK on September 1


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