Start a film society

Starting your own film society is an exciting but demanding project. Enlist the help of seasoned film buffs at the BFFS to guide you as you go.

If you’re fed up with the mainstream offerings at your local Odeon or Vue, or live in a remote spot which means that every cinema visit involves a long and tiring journey, why not start a local film society. You’ll be able to devise your own programmes and hopefully enjoy the films you choose to show in a more relaxing, club-like atmosphere.

Of course, acquiring the necessary equipment, along with films to view and somewhere to show them, is going to demand time, energy and money. It’s not something you’re likely to be able to do successfully without help. So start by logging on to the website of the British Federation of Film Societies ( It will immediately give you access to the wisdom of a community of seasoned film buffs. You can also download the BFFS’s advice leaflet on starting a film society, which contains all the basic information you’ll need at the outset.