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Orange is the New Black: Our Favourite Characters


1st Jan 2015 Film & TV

Orange is the New Black: Our Favourite Characters

Orange is the New Black, is due to return to our screens for its third series this June, and we can't wait to be reunited with our favourite characters. Here are our top five in all their glory, and in reverse order of fabulousness.

5. Nicky Nicholas

Loud-mouth former drug addict Nicky says what she thinks and isn't afraid to shock us. She's somewhat of a sexual predator in Litchfield and has no qualms about using her feminine charms to get other girls into bed. She's brash and bold, yet we got a sneak peak at her softer side in season two as she struggled to resist temptation when drugs were floating around the cell blocks.



4. Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett

Pennsatucky is a brilliant character because she riles the viewers up just as much as her fellow inmates. Her hostile, racist rants are so despicable they make you cringe, and yet Pennsatucky is so vile that we simply love to hate her. At the end of season one when her battle with Piper came to its dramatic climax, we found ourselves screaming at the TV, urging Piper to give Pennsatucky her comeuppance.


3. Sophia Burset


Sophia is Litchfield's sassy transgender inmate, and is fierce enough that she won't take nonsense from anybody, yet sweet and kind enough to make us love her. She always looks glamorous, despite her lack of access to decent beauty products, but it's not just her style that makes her such a great character. When we came to learn about Sophia's male to female transformation, we couldn't help but feel a heavy heart as we realised she had to give up her family in order to become the person she truly felt inside. Sophia is the character that we constantly strive for and we hope that eventually she finds true happiness.


2. Galina "Red" Reznikov


Known for her eye-catching crop of hair and equally bright lipstick, Red is the queen of Litchfield and lets everyone know it. We love her because she's firm but fair, knows how to read people and makes the perfect mother hen figure to the younger inmates. Seeing her fall from grace (being kicked out of her beloved kitchen) was tough for us; she's a woman that simply demands power. However, we expect her to regain her throne in season three, and no doubt it will be spectacular.


1. Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren


Without a shadow of a doubt, Crazy Eyes is our favourite character. She's the intense, unpredictable inmate who simply wants to have friends and be loved. Throughout season one and two she made us laugh (her one-side love affair with her "Dandelion"), cry (her admission that she hates it when people call her Crazy Eyes), and hide behind our cushions in fear (her fierce side revealed itself when Vee made her do violent deeds). Suzanne tugs on our heartstrings with her vulnerable side, but never fails to astound and humour us as she spouts poetry and goes about her crazy daily business amongst her fellow Litchfield inmates.

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