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Going in Style: An interview with Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine

Eva Mackevic

BY Eva Mackevic

1st Jan 2015 Film & TV

Going in Style: An interview with Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine

We interview Oscar-winning actors Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman about their new film, Going in Style—a spirited comedy about three lifelong friends who, faced with financial crisis, decide to rob the very bank that deprived them of their money. 

Interview with Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman—stars of Going in Style

Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Alan Arkin star in Zach Braff’s feel-good new comedy, Going in Style. Played by a broken mortgage system and robbed of their pension, three lifelong buddies—Willie, Joe and Albert—decide to take matters into their own hands.

When Joe accidentally finds himself in the middle of a smoothly executed bank heist, it doesn’t seem all that difficult to him: a few minutes’ work for a multi-million-dollar payoff. As he pitches the idea to his buddies Willie and Albert, they think he’d gone insane, naturally. But as family issues and unpaid bills get more and more pressing, the idea starts to grow on all three of them. After extensive research and preparations aided by an unlikely new friend, they make their move…


The film also co-stars the legendary actress Ann-Margret as Albert’s unexpected love interest, bringing sweetness and a bit of heat and zest into the comedy; Back to the Future star Christopher Lloyd as a disoriented but well-intentioned Milton—the trio’s lodge buddy; as well as Matt Dillon as a persistent FBI agent on the guys’ case.

It’s a fun, heart-warming ride, exploring some sensitive yet serious issues at its core, that are incredibly relevant today. The three cinema titans, Morgan, Caine and Arkin, completely disappear into their roles, sharing affectionate chemistry and good-humoured wisecracks which make you believe they’ve been best friends for the last few decades or so.

We caught up with Oscar-winning actors Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman about the difficulties of finding a good comedy script, the intensity of a film shoot and their on- and off-screen rapport.      

Going in Style is out in cinemas now


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